Zortrax Updates Z-SUITE Software To Support Third-party 3D Printing Materials

- Jun 02, 2017-

Recently, the 3D printer manufacturer Zortrax issued a message that it has updated the Z-SUITE software to support external material configuration files. The update is provided by the user who wants to try the material that Zortrax does not provide, but the 3D printer is still available.

It is not enough for a 3D printer to physically use a material to print, and software settings and related materials are important, so you can automatically adjust the printer's temperature and settings to ensure print quality.

"We received feedback from users who wanted to experiment with external print materials that were not within our current material. The latest software update was a response to these feedbacks," said Rafal Tomasiak, chief executive officer of Zortrax. "It gives us Brand new target groups, but keep in mind that the only way to ensure the highest quality and reliability of our solution is to use Zortrax materials.

The Zortrax material series is currently composed of seven different options:

Z-ABS, ideal for printing models, offering 11 colors;

Z-PCABS, high temperature and durable materials for 3D prints such as housings, moving parts or structural elements;

Z-PETG, a wear-resistant glossy material with black and gray;

Z-ULTRAT is a primitive Zortrax material with a high external factor, allowing further machining, offering 22 colors;

Z-GLASS, a transparent, translucent material for 3D printing objects, similar to glass;

Z-HIPS, reducing the risk of deformation and the time required for model processing. The structure of the material absorbs light and reduces visible defects, with seven colors to choose from;

Z-ESD, anti-static discharge, very suitable for 3D printing objects, such as electronic shell, only black.


Zortrax's materials have been welcomed by users. A year ago, Zortrax's number of fans in Facebook reached 100,000, as a feedback, the company free of charge material. The company's decision to open its material system and support third-party material may get more fans, but Zortrax's long-term users will remain loyal to Zortrax materials. For updates to Zortrax's Z-SUITE software, users may explore other materials than the Zortrax series, but they will not be able to abandon the materials that have served so far.

Zortrax's R & D department has been developing new materials for the company's 3D printers. Zortrax is headquartered in Poland and currently has resellers worldwide, and its reseller network is constantly expanding.

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