Ying Yun Tianjin Lighting Transformation To Enhance The Full Access To The Implementation Phase

- Feb 08, 2017-

 Yesterday, the reporter understands, in accordance with the unified into full yuncheng comprehensive improvement work deployment, the city's carefully planning, strict organization, strict procedures, successfully completed the first batch of street lamp lighting the transform and upgrade the preparatory work, fully into the implementation stage.

Learned, according to the street lamp lighting upgrade the implementation plan, such as municipal committee, the municipal city landscape light responsible unit set up street lighting upgrade the command party, further defined tasks, work standards, complete time limit and the safeguard measures, compaction responsibility, strengthening supervision and inspection, to ensure that the lamp every task to upgrade the quality of quantitative deadline.At the same time, strictly implement the program requirements, strengthen the lamps and lanterns, light pole, cable, procurement of materials such as paint quality management, to ensure the quality meet the national industry standard.Strictly regulate the construction process, no leakage, no standard, do fine, do real work each link, create the best products in high quality engineering.

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