With China's Low Carbon Lighting LED Mobile Lighting Technology

- Apr 25, 2017-

Mengjun Li, the famous in China LED flood light Experts in mobile LED Lighting area has carried out a number of innovative research, and promote China's low carbon lighting into the development of the channel.

T&p snow lighting products including at present LED Linear light,LED High power Wash the wall lamp、LED Project-light lamp、LEDShoot the light, etc.Compared with the production, the sale of these products, meng-jun li more focused on technology development in the field of architectural lighting, under the building of the meng-jun li, t&p snow is not only a professional strength of outdoor lighting products manufacturers Overall, it is outdoor lighting products The solution the supplier。

Low carbon 2. JPG

In addition to the service patterns of innovation, topology snow meng-jun li speed limit in the field of LED lighting and the development of a number of patented technology firm.In these patent technology, meng-jun li as the first inventor of the European patent"CORDLESS LED LAMP"Lighting industry have caused a big stir in the world. The technology used by meng-jun li authorized to topology snow, developed in wireless mobile series lamps and lanterns has the advantages of mobile and portable is fulfilled The office The needs of work, but also inject new elements for China's lighting industry, widen the products the production line。

In order to occupy the market share further, on the basis of the technology, meng-jun li to restore the appearance and function of lamps and lanterns and upgrade.For example, he developed a vase lamp, aesthetically pleasing, can move, and the user can pass the remote control Adjust the vase lamp luminous state, such as luminous intensity and luminous mode, etc.In addition to modelling of vase, he launched a egg, wine bottle, tulip, pebbles, bud, jellyfish, and other lamps and lanterns, maximum limit satisfy the needs of the client company.Meng-jun li, moreover, the development of wireless mobile humidifying aromatherapy LED lamps and lanterns of lighting and remove the function of the air smell, white-collar crowd is the preferred lighting lamps and lanterns.These products not only have significant domestic sales performance, and well received by overseas buyer approval, for topology snow to enter the international market have laid a solid foundation.

In meng-jun li technology, driven by topology snow vigorously expand domestic and overseas markets, sales network to expand to the United States, the united Arab emirates, Thailand, the Netherlands, the UK, and many other countries.Export products are durable for the domestic and foreign customers with the perfect lighting in the field of technical advice, product development, inspection and after-sales service, the rapid growth of the export business products have long been order large foreign suppliers and supermarkets.

After the interview, meng-jun li also shows the author had come from the production line Down the moblie lighting, the author the opportunity to experience the high-tech bring visual feast.Gently press the remote control Open key, wine bottle modelling of lamps and lanterns instant injection energy, seem as if they are filled with a soft white light the lamp body, gleaming in the cold winter day.Topology is also with snow meng-jun li continuous technology innovation to become the country's first-class high-tech enterprises, China lighting industry meng-jun li and mobile lighting technology will continue to China's low carbon lighting.

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