Why Do You Say LED Iot Application Has Take Off?

- Jan 16, 2017-

Often asked the question , do you know what the Internet of things in less than the LED?This answer answer about 4 into people's doubts, the remaining 6 a person may be to definition, supply chains are not familiar with the Internet of things, and is often the boss asked the market opportunities in the "future" Internet of things and location where, report and write not to come out and confused, iron brother share itself for LED has nothing to do with the Internet of things may seem, but can't give up, if there is any wrong, please also iot industry predecessors.

The Internet of things: perception layer, network layer, application layer

Internet of Things is the Internet of Things, literally a specific "items" between the "Internet", how that the league is the "Internet of Things"?

First of all, we can be the Internet of things is divided into three blocks, namely "perception layer", "the network layer", "application layer", the mechanism of the Internet of things like the human brain and nervous system receive stimulation of sensory organs with the interaction between, in our daily life, make every movement, all is by the peripheral nerve sensor to various messages, the message back to the brain through the nervous system, after analysis and interpretation to the message by the brain to respond further.

Bring about figure note: IoT IoT definition: perception layer, network layer, application layer

So, how to establish the interconnection mechanism between objects to collect information, transmission, interpretation and execution?Due to an object, there is no life, we must first give them sensory organs, such as: eye (IP Camera, environmental GuangYuanGan sensors), ear radio microphones, nose (such as gas smoke, PM2.5 detector), the object is to receive the outside stimulus, this part belongs to "perception layer" in the Internet of things.

Part of the sensor is composed of invisible light leds or LED optoelectronic components, the next step is to upload the collected information, through the network or uploaded to the cloud system processor, the handler for "the network layer", also is a kind of big data database, the system receives the echo data, after the computer analysis to communicate through the network layer must execute instruction, such as open or close the lights or appliances in the home, this is the "application layer", in the near future, the car networking through complex algorithms, through sensors to collect the information and communications network transmission, contacts, let each other between the cars on the road communication, traffic will be more efficient and more safety.

Bring about figure note: achieve true unmanned vehicles connected to the Internet

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