What Is The Reason For The Uneven Lighting Of 300x300 LED Panel Lights?

- Jul 13, 2017-

What is the reason for the uneven lighting of 300x300 LED Panel Lights?

300x300 LED Panel Lights development since 2010, and now are small popularization of basic products, are popular in popularity, with the now popular network language expression is that 300x300 LED Panel Lights is a "high grade" atmosphere of indoor lighting lamps and lanterns. But we choose 300x300 LED Panel Lights when to pay attention to the uniform brightness, brightness uneven 300x300 LED Panel Lights is very ugly, very bright middle dark, next to it is affecting our beautiful and intensity of illumination, what affect 300 x300 uniform brightness of LED panel light?

First of all, let's take a look at the structure of the 300x300 LED Panel Lights. The main structure of the panel lamp is composed of the shell, the circuit board, the guide plate, the pad, the back cover plate, the driver, etc. One of the biggest influences on the brightness uniformity is the three-piece guide plate, which is called the diffuser plate, the guide plate and reflective paper. Diffuser is to light distribution more uniform, is the lamp bead light refraction of light guide plate, reflective paper is a reflective light to guide plate, the light is not uniform, there are two main types of the original one, using light transmittance poor guide plate, second, the small size of light guide plate, with empty space between the guide plate and light bead, the two are the direct factors result in uneven lighting.

The 300x300 LED Panel Lights is becoming a popular product, and the office, kitchen bathroom, aisle, and restaurant decoration are everywhere, which is inseparable from its own beauty and energy saving. But the same is a 300x300 LED Panel Lights, with different unit price, among which the cat is only the person who enters the line knows.

Among the customers we have received, you will surely hear the same words: the same 300x300 LED Panel Lights light, why is your 300x300 LED Panel Lights selling more expensive than others? If you are a 300x300 LED Panel Lights manufacturer, what would you say to the customer? Don't understand 300 x300 they only look at the price of LED panel light customers, said they could not see more, they know where the light bead chip with copper wire and wire points and shell have a secondary use of the material, the guide plate has the branch of acrylic, PC, PS, power supply can be isolated with the isolation and so on, blindly pursue low price, the material is waste material, the service life of the lamp body is relatively will be much shorter, including 300 x300 lights, LED panel light panel lights brightness are obviously can not meet the requirements.

300x300 LED Panel Lights manufacturer resolution: 300x300 LED Panel Lights light instead of LED fluorescent lamp? In the context of energy conservation and environmental protection, the 300x300 LED Panel Lights light can replace the existing daylight lamp tube in light, electricity, or life. The average life of the 300x300 LED Panel Lights is over 50,000 hours, and it is more than 10 times that of the ordinary lamp tube.

And on the technology and materials, have more choices, raf lighting direct light emitting 300x300 LED Panel Lights use high photosynthetic efficiency of LED lamp bead, IC semiconductor power without electrolytic capacitor long life, the progress of every part, is to ensure that the 300x300 LED Panel Lights performance.

The 300x300 LED Panel Lights adopts the LED constant current work, which converts the ac power directly into direct current, effectively reduces LED light failure, starts fast, does not blink, and protects the eyes. Traditional fluorescent bulbs use alternating current, so 100-120 beats per second are generated. For workers who work in the factory production line, it is easy to be short-sighted under normal lighting.

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