What Do You Need To Consider In The Design Of Home Lighting?

- Jul 05, 2017-

Home lighting is always a problem for everyone, because it always builds a home. So, now let go of your social identity, just as a host of the family:

What do you need to consider when you are faced with household lighting and how to design this problem?

For Home Furnishing lighting design, mainly from the perspective of the three aspects of visual, physical, emotional, summed up the Home Furnishing lighting, buddies need the most attention and consideration are: Lighting brings safety and convenience, how to ensure the health, how to improve the space, how to create an atmosphere, how to show the taste 6 elements.


First of all, we should consider from the security, how to install this lamp, can bring more security, especially in the elderly and children of families, more attention to this point. For example, security risks, the largest staircase area, how to install the lights?

At wide angles, even though the headlights are the same, the light spreads so much that the shadow becomes softer and the stairs at the foot are no longer dimmed.

The light from the top below the narrow angle may be illuminated directly by the light so that the foot produces a more visible shadow and makes the light dim at the foot.


The greatest function of light is to illuminate and provide convenience for us, so how can we make full use of the conveniences brought by light? Take the most frequented chowhound place - kitchen,.

Traditional kitchen lighting, lamps in the center of space, the operating table is close to the edge of the wall, the user in the preparation of meals, often back to the lamps, in the dim light is very inconvenient.

If the local lighting on the kitchen and food preparation area, washing area are independent fill, in ensuring the preparation of food safety, but also can make the space look more bright and spacious; to a certain extent can also enhance the user activity in the kitchen of pleasure.

Health aspects

Believe in ray, your eyes are more tired than you think.

For example, in the television space, many people are used to turn off the lights and watch TV. In fact, this is very harmful to the eyes. In this case you can choose better mobility of light lamps, which can create atmosphere in time to turn off the lights, TV also can reduce glare, protect eyesight health, such as a table lamp.

Improve space

According to the Home Furnishing space lighting or poor lighting conditions in space or dead, the need for local lighting, let users in space within the safe and convenient activities, meet user needs on the use of space.

The ceiling is surrounded by lights, so that the whole feeling of the whole living room is at a level.

Add a wall or small lamp in the corner, the light will soften the corner to the very rushed feeling, so you feel comfortable, spacious space as a whole.

Create atmosphere

Based on the lighting, increase the ceiling light, bracket, the top elevation of vision; increase the lamp wall lamp lamp, central light, light can increase the sense of hierarchy, but also to the local light, lighting or lighting to provide key viewing, leisure, reading and other special activities.

Show taste

The use of 40 DEG angle adjustable lamp, can make your study or work more full of art, can let the mood calm down, enjoy the quiet.

A good home lighting program can make your life full of surprises. And the choice of NVC products, can let the life become more quality.


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