What Do You Know About These Advantages Of Home Smart Lighting?

- Jul 12, 2017-

   The development of the era of intelligence, so that consumers in home improvement design for home intelligent lighting more and more attention. Home intelligent lighting makes people's home not only emotional appeal, but also make life more intelligent and convenient. How much do you know about these advantages of home intelligent lighting?

    Home intelligent lighting advantages of a: centralized control and multi-point operation

In any place the terminal can control the lights in different places; or in different places can control the same terminal lights. Use a variety of ways to manage the lighting control system, touch screen, network, PDA, phone allows users to use the most convenient way at any time, anywhere (or even the pool) can control the equipment in the room.

    Home intelligent lighting advantage two: soft start function

Turn on the lights, the light gradually darkened from the dark. Turn off the lights, the light gradually darkened from the light, to avoid sudden changes in brightness to stimulate the human eye, giving the eye a buffer to protect the eyes. But also to avoid the impact of large current and high temperature on the filament, protect the lamp, extend the service life.

   Home intelligent lighting control - whether it is in the guest, watching TV, listening to music, or with family, or alone thinking, even in the taste of whiskey, adjust the brightness of different lights to create a comfortable, quiet, harmonious, warm atmosphere, Light light adjustment function.

A deeper experience of life, soft light can bring a good mood, less and dark light to help think, more and more light to make the atmosphere more warm. These operations are very convenient, hold down the local switch to light the light and dark, you can also use the centralized controller or remote control, only need to press the button, you can adjust the light and shade brightness.

   Home intelligent lighting advantage three: timing control

   Through the schedule management module, you can set the timing of lighting on and off. For example, at 7:00 every morning, the bedroom lights slowly open to a suitable brightness; in the middle of the night, automatically turn off all the lighting.

   Home intelligent lighting advantage four: scene control

   For fixed-mode scenes, you do not have to switch lights and dimmer one by one, and you can press a key to control a set of lights, which is the scene setting function. You can get the desired combination of lighting and electrical scenes, such as home mode, home mode, guest mode, dining mode, theater mode, couple night Words, night mode and so on.

   Home intelligent lighting advantages 5: infrared, wireless remote control

   In any room, use the infrared remote control to control all the networking lamps (whether the lamp is in the room) switch state and dimming state; do not need to enter the room after the lights, before entering any room can be used Remote control to open the lights; according to the size of different units, remote control models are also different, such as: four remote control for two rooms a hall, six remote control for three rooms and one hall, in addition to eight, , Twelve, sixteen remote control for duplex, villa use.

   Officially due to home intelligent lighting of these advantages, consumers will be in the decoration of smart home when more emphasis on home intelligent lighting, and its future lighting industry will become the main trend

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