VR Head Show Lower Shipments VR Landing Or Without Letup

- Jan 06, 2017-

  According to the authority of the relevant market research institutions predict data analysis showed that the VR head show shipments will reach 130 million units, but now the market digital shipment but in 17 million, this part of VR does not mean the stronghold domestic glasses, but the concept refers to the realization of VR on real significance of wearing people interact with virtual devices.

  And the data set analysis, points out that the field of VR, mainly mobile VR soft VR accounted for the proportion of seem to be a bit more, within this period of time the majority of market share, and even the equivalent of 75% will be seized by mobile VR, and after that some data is based on the desktop, PC is occupy the second, in 2021 after the global VR hardware and software such as total output value will reach $35 billion in its content.

Data analysis, although the prospects look good, but as far as current situation, for the VR technology is still at the initial stage, most investors for VR mistrust and the attitude of the money to the sidelines to VR the hot industry was poured a pot of cold water, under the cold stimulation, lest VR industry will be a little shrinkage, progress will also be affected by the resistance to strengthen and become slow.

  Is the pressure is more and more strong, choose to be born or choose to continue without letup, VR industry faces many future problems worthy of attention.

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