Voice Control LED Lighting

- Jan 09, 2017-

From the current LED lighting industry point of view, the future of intelligent LED has three directions: the first is the integration of LED and other intelligent devices, such as wisdom, health, security, new energy vehicles, etc .; the second is LED own intelligent control technology Innovation, such as from the traditional switch to the APP control and then to the integration of voice and artificial intelligence technology; the third is the combination of LED and new materials.

    Lin Jiliang, executive general manager of the wood Linshi 2016 LED Conference at the senior said that the past few years the development stage of LED lighting, more or Retrofit (traditional lighting replacement) and Intergrated (lamps) stage, the replacement of light and integration Of the lamps, the two are the current mainstream market.

    Of course, the future there are more innovative, with a wide range of building materials together. For example, outdoor landscape lighting LED and all the building materials, a wide range of materials combined, has been to the entire landscape lighting architectural lighting and decorative design has brought a lot of changes. The future, indoor home, etc. will have more and better opportunities.

    The general manager in the sun seems to Yong, LED lighting technology revolution is just to the mid-stage of development, a new wave of technological revolution will be things with the development of the lighting industry, new opportunities.

    On the one hand, last year, LED dimming, color temperature, tone color needs to be activated, bringing lighting products to upgrade the second replacement. If your lamp is not color temperature, your lamp will not sell. Three years ago, just replaced the fluorescent LED, but when all the lights have become LED, when it appears the opportunity to upgrade the second, which requires us to do lighting people to dig.

    Second, the lighting + sensing + control to bring the hardware to upgrade the second replacement. Many companies are doing, but there is no scene of the problem is a single product, there is no scene, will not form a sense of dependency, it does not appear the real needs of the takeoff. But this is our opportunity, the long term we still worth the wait.

    But there are many difficulties, the technology is very complicated, resulting in technology even if there is no way to interconnect, affecting the use of universal; light control itself has not yet formed a market just need; LED light source and lamp is a digital product, which is LED need to play the future opportunities.

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