Track Lamp History

- Jun 22, 2017-

Track lamp history

The shortcomings of traditional track lights:

1, heat, for light sensitive objects, lighting need to add special protection treatment.

2, high energy consumption, short life, for commercial space operation and maintenance, the cost of electricity and often need to replace the high cost of light source, which is halogen track lights in 2010-2013 LED products in the past few years to replace the most out of the most important reason.

3. Start a long time, restart the need for more cooling, can not be closed immediately after the re-open.

4, poor quality light source prone to color drift.

5, light efficiency is very high, less power selection, does not support dimming, so to achieve the effect of diversification is difficult to achieve.

6, inductance ballast size, unsightly, and easy to have noise noise.

Now COB-type track spotlights main features:

1, the power range, there are 3W, 5W such small power products to meet the restaurant, home space needs; another 25,35 W such a larger power products to meet the needs of shop lighting;

2, color temperature range, from 2400K, 2700K to 5000K, 6000K, color temperature and can be customized, to break the metal halide lamp 3000K, 4000K such color temperature limitations, to meet the needs of more sub-areas;

3, color and also have better progress.

LED track light high efficency.jpg

Figure: Now COB product color has been generally able to do a higher, some brands up to Ra> 97.

Early COB track light spot effect is poor, is the technological progress, has been a good improvement.

Now the COB technology has progressed, can be applied in different segments, including a variety of different places of application of the application effect is also great.

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