Tnnis & Pool Revamp Outdoor LED Flood Light Solution

- Jan 23, 2018-

Tennis & Pool Revamp – Outdoor LED Flood Light Solution

Recently, a member of the board of directors for a local community association contacted Access Fixtures in search of a lighting solution for a double tennis court and adjacent swimming pool. His goal was to create a permanent and energy-efficient solution.

Revamping the double tennis court facility meant replacing the community’s existing halogen units. Additionally, the adjacent swimming pool required a new LED lighting solution to accommodate swim meets and evening pool-side activities. The uniquely shaped pool did not have an existing, permanent lighting solution; the facility had to rent portable, generator-operated lights for their events. One of the main priorities of the project was ensuring the pool lanes were perfectly illuminated for competitions. For their previous matches, the portable lights had worked fine, but the association felt it made the pool look like a construction zone, which they wanted to avoid.

The tennis courts measured 120 by 108 feet. The customer provided a detailed drawing of the pool area that allowed our specialists to evaluate the area and provide the most accurate suggestions. Due to the size and detail involved in this project, our lighting specialists recommended a photometric design, with the objective of determining whether or not the proposed plan would meet each specification set out by the community association.

Photometric Design Goals

The results of the first photometric analysis concluded that the total number of poles needed to illuminate the double tennis court was nine and that the poles had to be twenty feet in height. Six of the poles would hold a single fixture each and were to be placed one foot behind the surrounding fence. The remaining three poles were to be placed in the middle of the two courts and were to use two fixtures each.

We also suggested another option that used six twenty-foot poles, each holding two LED fixtures. The aim for both layouts was to achieve approximately 30 footcandles throughout the playing area; using different configurations allowed our lighting specialists to evaluate the results and help the customer select the best option.

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