There Are A Few Problems Need To Improve In Gymnasium Lighting

- Jun 16, 2017-

There are a few problems need to improve in gymnasium lighting

Gymnasium lighting is a very scientific technology, rigorous technology. In order to better make the gymnasium lighting design more perfect, summed up the following design ideas and design should pay attention to the issue.

First, get the gym after the drawings should be analyzed after the function of the stadium, as well as the layout of the venue, and the size. According to the different functions of the relevant norms.

Second, determine the location of the stadium lighting installation, this step is very important for future illumination calculation basis. Most of the general gymnasium lighting fixtures will be installed on the road. Should be based on the location of the design of the lamp position.

Third, the selection of lamps

1, should consider the size of the stadium space, analysis of the installation height of the lamp, a high degree of change will affect the number of changes in the number of lamps.

2, should consider the location of the installation of lamps, different positions of different projection angles, the choice of different light distribution.

3, according to the different location of the stadium to determine the lamp power and light distribution. Such as auditorium, podium, scoreboard, billboards and other different locations should use different light distribution.

Four,Analysis of Various Illumination Patterns in Sports Venues

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