The Success Of Our First Plant Is Expected To Replace Some Of The Lighting Facilities

- May 27, 2017-

  The main leaders of the project, Yunnan nabok technology Duan Kang said: "the past light plant biological engineering cultivation must be in the blue violet light under the irradiation of wearing glasses to see the fluorescence, or adding luciferin substrate realize temporary light, luminous intensity of the naked eye is not visible, not self luminous at night."

  "Even fluorescent light is sprayed on the surface of ordinary plants to produce luminous effects for a short time. These are not real noctilucent plants.". The plant we cultivated is completely different. It can continue to glow autonomously under dark conditions. It can reach the level of starlight and illuminate a certain range." It is understood that the world's first luminous plants, the United States Bioglow company in 2014 bred out, named "starlight Afanda."".

LED Plant lighting.jpg

  "The key is to get the power of Marine luminous bacteria, to obtain the complete luminous gene is very difficult; another key lies in the luminescence gene was successfully transfected to the chloroplast genome of plant cells, in a plant cell with only one nuclear genome, but there are hundreds of chloroplast, each copy inside the chloroplast a hundred sets of chloroplast genome, so that each plant cells have nearly 10000 copies of chloroplast genome, so that plant emission has become a possibility." Duan Kang further added.

I  t is understood that the luminescence genes such as genes into the firefly, bobtail squid, deep-sea anglerfish etc. to plants, plants can make autofluorescence, it is very difficult to implement, even some GMO giants try to success.

  "The technology has a wide range of applications," said Chen, a distinguished research fellow at Guangxi Normal University. He said that international discussions on the use of luminescent plants for city lighting have been discussed, and that individual teams have made progress. "During the day, the light emitting plant is no different from the ordinary plant in appearance, but only when the night falls.". At least, where there is no need for bright lights, luminescent plants are expected to replace part of the lighting facilities, reduce energy and equipment consumption, and also create special night scenes."

  In fact, in 2015, the United States a synthetic biology technology company Genome Compiler has developed a self luminous plant Glowing Plant, their vision is to the roadside trees on the street like that can be self luminous, and become a new generation of environmentally friendly energy-saving lighting.

  To this, Duan Kang expresses, still need a lot of work to be done. The team the next step is to further improve the brightness of the light emitting plants at the same time, the Department of agriculture to assess the Declaration on environmental safety, passed after the technology is applied to the fleshy flowers, ornamental plants such as to.

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