The Relationship Between The Use Square LED Panel Lights Of The Site

- Sep 06, 2017-

The relationship between the use Square LED Panel Lights of the site
    National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance Minister Wu Mingming at the meeting made a presentation entitled "LED indoor lighting products, the use of shopping malls," Chen said that the domestic and international semiconductor lighting industry trend, China's LED indoor lighting use of the status quo, Future prospects for a detailed analysis. She noted that the production and use of the Square LED Panel Lights was still small and did not constitute a more standard product approach. Because at that time the LED flat lights for commercial use to replace T8 and other grille lamps, domestic production companies tend to use a larger power chip to open up shopping malls. According to her introduction, 2010 China Square LED Panel Lights output value of about 800,000, the size of all shopping malls nearly 600 million yuan. The proportion of exports in all types of lamps in the lower, about 36.8%, the production company will first meet in Shanxi, Guangdong, Shanghai and other regions, industrial agglomeration effect is greater.
China Academy of Building Research Institute of Architectural Environment and Energy Conservation Institute, said Zhao Jianping, vice president of semiconductor lighting to bring us the lighting of the transformation and thinking, together also brought some inducement. Square LED Panel Lights output value added year by year, many domestic companies are in production, but why should the LED made of flat lights? Flat lights used in the room, as the role of functional lighting is what? What are the lighting fixtures for lighting? What are the objectives of the lighting design impact of the lighting design? These questions are worthy of the industry's thinking. He pointed out that the lighting designer in the selection of light, the most attention is to consider the light distribution curve of light, according to light distribution curve is not suitable for the corresponding place.
But made Square LED Panel Lights in the future, reducing the brightness of the LED surface, reducing the glare, although satisfied with the architectural design needs, but lost the superiority of LED light distribution, because now it is simply a light distribution, so the constraints Some of its use of the place, lost the LED small, clever, spiritual characteristics. He pointed out that the flat light as a lighting product, must be closely integrated with the existing use of places, give full play to their own advantages and characteristics, and architects closely.
In the past few years, the world has made new power regulations such as the US government to increase tax subsidies and encourage the company to replace the lighting system. In addition, The EU Power Directive sets the 20-20-20 approach to 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and a 20% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 20% Add 20% of the regenerative power ratio. Various directions to instigate the world Square LED Panel Lights brand companies to strengthen the layout of the environment by self-adjusting brightness of the Square LED Panel Lights plan, which led to the upsurge of intelligent lighting.
In the country, although the current intelligent control has not yet constitute a planned consumer shopping malls, but most of the lighting companies have seen the trend of intelligent lighting, positive to the trend close to. On the one hand, power regulations tightly constrain the company, the family power consumption ups and downs, simply replace the Square LED Panel Lights has been difficult to fit the increasingly demanding needs, therefore, Square LED Panel Lights manufacturers to vigorously promote the environment to adjust the brightness of intelligent lighting control system, To further improve the Square LED Panel Lights system of energy-saving ability, try to carry out the company's intelligent control of goods.
Together, the company in the channel construction has also been exploring the form suitable for this career. Thus, close to the actual needs of the goods continue to add, the functional positioning and stability of goods have been made considerable progress. On the other hand, companies, designers, Square LED Panel Lights engineering companies and other groups are also actively guide consumers to bear and recognize the intelligent lighting products, to promote the rapid development of intelligent lighting.
Business opportunities highlighted, intelligent lighting has become an inevitable trend
Into the twenty-first century, Square LED Panel Lights China's national economy has been rapid development, real estate career is leaps and bounds. And the real estate industry and the stability of the lighting career is also endless opportunities and competition in front of the pursuit of innovation and break, and then emerged in a variety of skills-based manufacturers, intelligent products, the growing voice, especially the lighting and intelligent control system Of the combination, into the lighting solution to the most competitive goods.

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