The Optical Quality Of The Arena, SMD LED How To Break The Position?

- Jun 14, 2017-

The concept of light quality in the LED industry has become a commonplace topic, in the past, LED is the pursuit of the concept of "light efficiency first", popular point is "bright blind", your eye is the best. At that time, if you are a LED salesman, to sell their products, it must open the door is how effective their products, talk about competitors, but also take the light effect.

As a "efficiency first" senior patients, who told me I will also open lamp, ask you this product light effect, but with significantly enhance the light efficiency, LED assessment is no longer a light effect to go in the world, but to light quality.

And the light quality and light effect can be said to be included, light quality is a complex, light effect is a single, light quality contains light effect, but the light effect is just one of the factors to consider, in fact there are color temperature and color, air tightness, consistency and spot etc..

The pursuit of quality -- finding balance in paradox

According to the collected data, in recent years to enhance the luminous efficiency of LED fast, has reached a high level, this also means that the light effect as the competitive advantage period has passed, the relative LED assessment has entered the light quality assessment period.

The quality of light reflects the true color of objects and the authenticity of objects. Light quality parameter is the index to measure the quality of light source, but the main factors that affect light quality are color temperature, color rendering index and color consistency.

At present, the main factors of light quality is refers to the assessment, improve the enterprise at present LED light source was usually started from the fluorescent powder, but the light effect and color that is a paradox, by increasing the red wavelength to improve significantly, but the brightness will decrease, so the LED high quality products are in the pursuit of luminous efficiency and color rendering index a balance. But in the actual business LED test found that the CRI Ra is not light and quality are positively related, according to deputy general manager, Shengpu optoelectronic packaging division executive general manager Yin Hui in the previous set by the state Advisory under LEDinside and CNLED network (formerly "Chinese LED network") analysis will be jointly organized by the 2017 the chief adviser market (ShangHai Railway Station) said, CRI is the source of continuous emission spectra of blackbody radiation based on the proposed, the spectrum is steep, narrow spectral band may cause problems, found in the actual test, sometimes significantly lower LED than even a high color rendering index LED with color more perfect, compared to the level of Ra, the key is R9.

The light effect rises, the lack of light, the continuous pursuit of high light quality

In addition to the apparent light effect, LED light quality and color temperature consistency, namely, the color difference between the light sources, that is, color area drift, is always the problem of LED. As for the problem of light color consistency, many of the pursuit of light efficiency transition have been neglected, and now the color uniformity becomes a major consideration of light quality, especially in high color temperature white LED products.

Although the light efficiency and cost performance of LED are very important, the most important thing is the consistency of light quality and light color. Because in the past the LED requires high color uniformity requirements are popular, so many enterprises are the focus of high performance, high efficiency. But in the field of high-end lighting, the basic requirement for the quality of LED light color is light color consistency.

For the development of technology, phosphor technology determines the LED, and the promotion of LED light efficiency in the future will depend largely on phosphor technology. But beyond the effect of light, the uniformity of light and color is more important. That's why ORSAM OS rolls out 10 degrees bin.

The day before the OSRAM semiconductor technology manager Chen Wencheng said that at present the enterprise is generally used to measure the macadam color consistency, that there is no obvious difference in the 3 - step macadam, but in the practical application of 3 step color bin LED made out of the lamp has obvious color difference.

To this end, OSRAM semiconductor launched a 10 degree binning standard, but the standard is only threshold, and can not solve the problem of the product itself, but just to raise the threshold. While the actual color to solve the consistency problem, you need to control each link and the key parameters of the LED process, such as how to make the fluorescent powder evenly cover the surface of the chip, the luminous color is more uniform, and in order to solve the SMD LED fluorescent powder evenly to the surface of the chip, according to the general manager of Dongguan kwinbon company Fan Maode said. Qinbang early in 2010 launched LED phosphor sedimentation machine, fluorescent powder sedimentation process after years of market validation has been recognized, it has become one of the indispensable equipment in the industry standard.

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