The Night Scene Lighting According To The Grades Of Major Festival Opened Yesterday In Beijing

- May 12, 2017-

Yesterday 19:30, with the city's night lighting in accordance with the major holiday level on time to open, Beijing's night sky was millions of colorful night lights lit.

National Grand Theater, nearly 2,300 square meters of grass covered with a variety of small fountain shape of the fiber optic tube, the north gate of the 10860 sets of reed lights with the Grand Theater arc shape and surrounded by fountains, turns show seven-color spectrum, Such as magic.

Huairou Yanqi Lake, ups and downs of the mountains put on the Seduction, the island's colorful construction, 21 square kilometers of the international community will be fully reference to the core area of Chinese painting in the dye, crack, hook painting techniques, through more than 40,000 sets of light changes The surrounding more than 10 peaks and all the mountains, all the buildings around the lake, the area of the road surface, all connected together, as a beautiful landscape painting.

International Trade CBD area, the giant curtain wall of the high-rise buildings are colored lights shine, shadows of colored buildings, ring lights on the line together, under the night showing a brilliant gorgeous light and shadow of the world. Beautiful night to attract a large number of people and tourists stop taking pictures, a variety of beautiful photos quickly brush screen friends circle. For this beautiful scenery, from the end of February, the city city management committee and the municipal municipalities will be carried out to mobilize the mobilization and deployment, requiring urban lighting operation and maintenance units to carry out a comprehensive self-examination work. From the end of March to the end of April, the city's district lighting equipment on the landscape of the old damaged facilities to replace and maintain the rectification, and developed a grading security contingency plans, combined with the actual work, good emergency personnel, vehicles, equipment, materials and other preparations The Dongcheng, Xicheng, Chaoyang, Huairou and other districts have also on the area of the main street and key areas of the landscape carried out a detailed maintenance and promotion.

This is also behind the beauty of the maintenance of the hard work of the staff sweat. Yesterday, more than 15 o'clock, the capital highlights the wind. Adjacent to the East Third Ring Road, a 16-storey roof, responsible for some of the night lighting in Chaoyang District, Beijing, the maintenance of the Beijing Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Sun Xiaojiang and leather legislation force, tight tight tight insurance rope and helmets, along the ladder Climbed to the rooftop, more than 40 meters on the height of the operation. The wind so that they can only tightly hold the insurance rope and side of the fence, the body as low as possible, almost half lying on the ground, the roof of the two lighting lights unloaded down.

"Filament burst, and have to hurry." Pi Lijun directed at the stairs roared loudly, and soon, two new lights were hanging up the rope. Ten minutes later, with the old lamp removed to climb down the stairs, they are covered with sweat. Carefully Sun Xiaojiang also opened the roof of the distribution box, once again check the lighting time controller. "In fact, a bit like an alarm clock, set a good time, it will automatically close the lights to light up," he explained. 365 days a year, he and his colleagues have 300 days in the climbing, every day in the top of the high-rise buildings, inspection, maintenance, hard working. At the same time, hundreds of maintenance personnel also pay close attention to the last time on the important areas of night lighting maintenance patrol, and strive to foolproof.

There will be two days, "all the way" international cooperation summit will be held, according to the plan, from last night to May 18, every day 19:30 to 24:00, the city's landscape lighting facilities will be opened according to a major holiday level. The night of the capital, will also be the most perfect gesture of the world.

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