The Intelligent Face Recognition Application Outbreak

- May 10, 2017-

As we all know, at this stage intelligent security system can also be based on large data, face recognition intelligent analysis and other technologies to achieve the target person, the material search and tracking, but because of technical and environmental factors, the current application is far from the film mature The So, with the artificial intelligence technology step by step development, we from the "eye" system how far it?

From the technical level analysis, face recognition as a "eye" system of the entrance, with its unique and difficult to copy the good features for the identification of the necessary prerequisites, compared with other types of biometric face recognition has the following characteristics:

Face recognition of the intelligent application of the outbreak

1, non-mandatory: the user does not need to specifically cooperate with the face acquisition device, almost in the unconscious state can be obtained face images, such sampling method is not "mandatory";

2, non-contact: users do not need direct contact with the device can get face images;

3, concurrency: in the practical application of the scene can be a number of face sorting, judgment and identification;

4, visual characteristics: "to look at people" characteristics, as well as simple operation, the results of intuitive, good concealment and so on.

From the market level analysis, face recognition solutions are widely sought after by the market, widely used in many industries, such as public security applications, smart banks, public travel and so on. With the expansion of the technology development market, face recognition technology in the real life of the role of growing.

Wise Bank face recognition solution, based on the user experience, relying on intelligent dynamic face recognition witness verification management system, face recognition pay record system, respect for identity management system, access control management system, video early warning system and other technical support , To create a safer, more convenient wisdom of financial services system.

Intelligent access control, visitor records, VIP identification, financial information advertising precision push and other series to enjoy the service to ensure that the financial transaction security, management optimization, business convenience, easy access to the account, Courteous service, is the bank to broaden the business areas, reshape the service process, improve service quality, enhance the competitiveness of the market an important means.

From the application of floor level analysis, face recognition more and more into the public view, from the year ago, Guangdong high-speed iron brush face station, not long ago face recognition face help Beijing Marathon and so on the status quo have identified the face recognition Development is increasingly hot.

Face recognition of the intelligent application of the outbreak

For pedestrians to run a red light difficult to determine the identity of the problem, the red light, if there are pedestrians through the crosswalk, will automatically start the capture. The process is that he entered the sidewalk area, the synthesis of four photos, and a video.

For these violations, will be based on the "People's Republic of China Road Traffic Safety Law," the provisions of Article VIII: pedestrians, non-motor vehicle drivers in violation of road traffic safety laws and regulations on the provisions of the road traffic warning or more than five yuan Fine under $ 50. A non-motor vehicle driver who refuses to accept a fine penalty may detain his non-motor vehicle.

Conclusion: Face recognition as an important part of the interconnection of Internet access in the real life of the application scene is bound to become increasingly important, large face data applications will bring beyond the imagination of the value of the upgrade.

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