The DLC For LED Technology Provides The Solution For The Georgian Port Authority

- Jan 15, 2018-

The DLC for LED technology provides the solution for the Georgian Port Authority

The Georgia Ports Authority (GPA) serves as a critical link in the United States’ supply chain for a region crossing the Southeast and reaching up into the Midwest. As part of a $27 million expansion at the facility, GPA needed a customized lighting system that would provide a variety of benefits, including energy efficiency and the long-term reliability necessary for operations.

The DLC for LED technology provides the solution for the Georgian Port Authority.png

Siosun’s solution delivered a number of key benefits:

Light Quality – Ensures better visibility for workers with uniform light coverage, free from glare

Color Rendering – Produces a more color-accurate light so workers can easily identify containers

Retrofit System – Provides a complete system using existing poles and Siosun’s Light-Structure DLC structures for a customized solution

Facility Management – Delivers remote scheduling of the lighting via Siosun’s DLC controls and monitoring service

Zero Maintenance – Includes a 10-year parts and labor warranty eliminating all maintenance and maintenance related costs for the next decade

With the new system in place, GPA is expected to save more than $410,000 on energy and maintenance over the next decade.

US customer port lighting shipment2.jpg

US customer port lighting shipment.jpg

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