The Advantage Of LED Advertising Lights

- Jun 21, 2017-

    Now more and more into the billboard lighting field, the spread is, of course, and compared with the traditional LED advertisement light advantage is inseparable, then compared with the traditional advertising lights, LED advertising light have what advantage?

    Compared with traditional advertising lamp light source, LED advertising light the advantages of experience in several aspects:

    1, more environmentally friendly. LED advertising lights using LED cold light source, does not contain the traditional advertising light source of mercury and other toxic substances.

    2, more energy efficient. Such as 150W LED advertising lights can completely replace 400W traditional metal halide advertising lights; 100W-120W LED advertising lights can replace 250w traditional metal halide advertising lights, can reach 1 to 2 or even higher proportion.

    3, longer life. Traditional metal halide advertising lamp life of 7000-10000 hours, and LED advertising lamp life as early as 100,000 hours. Compared to both, LED advertising lights advantage is very obvious.

    4, strong stability. Traditional metal halide advertising lights by the power stability of interference, fluctuations in the General Assembly affect the trigger, ballast and other device life. LED advertising light fixture internal structure is simple, through the LED drive power DC conversion instantaneous start, more stable.

    5, easy to maintain. Standard advertising light with trigger, start capacitor, light source, and LED advertising lights only LED drive power and LED chip, plus the required shell, the ball, LED advertising lights to maintain more convenient and simple.

    In addition to the LED advertisement lamp itself advantages, LED advertising light inevitably will be in the national energy conservation and emissions reduction, the request of the sustainable development has grown up rapidly.

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