Talking About The Design Concept Of Outdoor Lighting

- Jul 15, 2019-

The outdoor lighting design is mainly for the design of building exterior wall lighting, urban integrated landscape lighting and urban lighting planning. The design concept is to use the best design method and the most economical design method to provide customers with the most suitable lighting methods and concepts, and realize the real-life situation with the most economical mode.


The outdoor lighting design is mainly to create a large lighting environment and landscape lighting. Different architectural styles and landscape points will have different design methods. Compared with indoors, outdoor lighting design techniques are rougher, and no need to care about each luminous point. The angle, but the amount of engineering is relatively large. Zhongyi Guangying not only provides Wenchuang lighting services, but also has many years of experience in lighting projects.

With the development of science, the emergence of new light sources such as fluorescent lamps, energy-saving lamps, and LEDs, lamps have also moved toward more energy-saving and greener environmental protection. Of course, designers have also put a lot of effort into this. Zhongyi Guangying reminds users that when designing their choices, they should pay attention to the selection according to the design of the building. They also need to choose from the psychological endurance of the local people, and start from the demand. Only comprehensive consideration can be selected. The type of lamp that is matched. In this way, it can show a good aesthetic and can have a good decorative effect.

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