Switching Power Supply was Understood By The Layman As Switch embarrassment

- May 05, 2017-

In the heart of every man there is a "power".My mother thought that power is the home of the light bulb.My dad thought that the power is on the phone panels.Power engineers friends heart may be AC/DC converter.

The word "power" is a general.Staying at a hotel on a business trip, can't find the 220 v ac socket, you might say this hotel does not provide the "power".In this context, "power" means can be used in a power supply device of the ac input power at the input.Traveling, you find your notebook didn't have the power adapter, you also will get used to say, with the computer, but without the "power".

If someone asks what is your occupation, do you think of "power" or answer "switch power supply", the other party may suddenly feel your career is very general, not a high-tech.And a high-tech power in your heart, because you are doing is a high-end power, high-end domestic no one has been able to do it, and the one who ask you, "power" in his mind is only 220 v alternating current (ac) on the wall, or a switch on the wall.You are not on a channel.

Power seems to be too ordinary, because it is everywhere.Broad, as long as it can provide electricity equipment and facilities are power.In a narrow sense said, do the power of the power supply is switching power supply.I want to talk about is switching power supply.

I have no search to find the official definition of switch power supply.In my understanding, switching power supply is done by the opening of the switch tube and shut off the electrical energy transformation.Electrical energy transformation, including:

1, AC/DC.Communication transform into dc, usually will be from the grid, two phase alternating current (ac) or 380 v, 220 v, three-phase alternating current into direct current.Low power AC/DC AC input is 220 v, high-power AC input is 380 v.According to the application field, different occasions, also known as AC/DC converter, rectifier, a power supply, communication power supply, power adapter, lighting power supply, etc.

2, the DC/DC.For DC DC transform, such as converting high voltage, low current, low voltage, high current according to the application field, different occasions, may be called the DC/DC converter, secondary power supply, power supply module, plate on the power supply, etc.

3, DC/AC.Dc transform into communication, according to different application, occasion, may be called UPS, inverter, grid inverter, motor controller, etc.

4, AC/AC.Communication transform into communication, product form, usually a frequency converter, used for motor control.

The four kinds of electrical energy conversion, segment out of many industry!

In AC/DC, DC/DC corresponding to the two direction of industry market, industry insiders call "switching power supply, there is a specific industry one of the high-end power supply (also called communication power supply, but the meaning of communication power supply seems to be more widely, generally refers to the telecom room 48 v power supply, the secondary power supply, custom power supply, power supply, computer power supply, laptop etc all kinds of electrical equipment, power adapter, cell phone charger power supply, rechargeable power supply, car charger (OBC, on board charger), on-board DC/DC converter, lighting power supply, can divide againLEDPower supply, electronic ballast, HID the power), etc.Which corresponds to the DC/AC, AC/AC industry market, people usually say it make UPS, do pv (photovoltaic panels according to the direct current into alternating current), energy storage, frequency converter, motor controller.

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