Street Lights Can Also Even Change The Future Of 4G Technology From It

- Jun 01, 2017-

In the science fiction film we often see this scenario: a watch can be connected to control all around, smart car will be on time to send our trip, express parcel by the UAV accurately delivered around the equipment around us Into the network, and even your door that old street lights also access the 4G, as long as the eyes in general, according to the flow of traffic, the actual situation of intelligent control switch and brightness.

These are not distant future, smart cars, unmanned aerial vehicles, intelligent lights and other equipment is gradually into our lives, to build our wisdom of the city's embryonic form. The reason why it can be called "wisdom", largely from the connection between the various devices, so that data can be effective communication, resulting in valuable decision-making information, and then serve us. Therefore, to ensure the stability of the connection between the equipment has become the primary task, excellent connectivity in the wisdom of the city, the meaning of intelligent terminals is self-evident.

And decided to connect, it is our commonly known as the "cat" (Modem), that is, the modem. Qualcomm as a company with more than 30 years of experience in communications companies, in the modem has an absolute authority, its product solutions have become the industry's first choice. In addition to being widely used in the mobile phone side of the Xiao Long mobile processing platform, focusing on the field of things, more than 80% have been released or launched Android Wear smart watches using Snapdragon Wear 2100 platform, more than 125 million networked home products using Qualcomm The connection chip.

According to the latest statistics, Qualcomm shipped more than 1 million per day networking chip, using Qualcomm chip Internet terminal shipments have more than 1 billion. Such a large number, means that our mobile phones, smart devices have high-pass chip figure, Qualcomm is in the core of the Internet of things, quietly affect our lives.

Give the most simple example, affecting our daily travel shared bicycle, in fact, behind the high-pass chip also has to do support. Recently, Qualcomm, China Mobile and Mabi bike tripartite to achieve cooperation in the bike's smart lock integrated high-pass MDM9206 multimode modem, with China Mobile's network coverage, the chip excellent connectivity directly enhance the speed of the cycle scan , And more accurate positioning of the bike, so that we find in the App. At the same time, this chip with low-power Bluetooth can also achieve sub-level positioning, used in the motorbike cycle of the "smart recommended parking point", so as to solve the shared bicycle parking chaos, put the region unreasonable and other sensitive issues.

Of course, this MDM9206 in the shared bicycle on the application is only the tip of the iceberg. The MDM9206 has a strong connectivity and supports Cat-M1, Cat-NB1, GSM (LTE Cat M1 / NB1 and E-GPRS) standards, as well as support for global positioning. The multi-mode attribute of this chip makes it adaptable to the global network, based on its products can be calmly into the global market, do not have to adapt to different regions, effective control R & D costs.

In addition, taking into account the Cat-M1 and Cat-NB1 in the characteristics of their own advantages, have broad prospects and business opportunities. Multi-mode means that the terminal manufacturers do not have to make a choice between the two or so, a terminal to support a variety of use cases, to optimize the interests. And through the MDM9206 a set of software, according to the different dynamic configuration, and thus support the use of different scenarios; through a set of RF, you can support 15 different LTE bands to meet the coverage of most of the world's carriers have the band. Through a very mature global multi-mode solution, you can achieve cost-effective while achieving rapid business, so that experts in the industry according to their expertise, and then play the advantages of mobile platforms.

And therefore MDM9206 approved by a number of terminal manufacturers and operators, the future is expected to be used in the wisdom of the city, environmental testing, health care, networking industry and other fields.

Over the past three decades, the continuous evolution of communication technology is committed to improving the connection between people, making the relationship between you and me more closely, with the increase in intelligent devices around us, we also quietly into the Internet of Things era. It is foreseeable that in the next three decades, all things will become the new era of the theme, Qualcomm as a business known for communication, through eMTC and NB-IoT in the 4G platform development and use, will gradually lead the 5G NR Massive networking.

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