Square LED Panel Lights Will Be The Largest Market For Office Lighting

- Jul 13, 2017-

Square LED Panel Lights will be the largest market for office lighting

In the square office lighting applications, LED panel light from the prospects for development, office area lighting square one of the important markets of the future development of the LED panel light, Square LED Panel Lights will become the biggest market office lighting. The reason for this analysis is that hua hui's lighting must be:

Square LED Panel Lights has a variety of forms, installation and use is also very convenient, the use effect is very outstanding, no glare, not dazzling, has been widely used in many fields. In home lighting, office lighting, shopping malls, for example, hotels and other places of entertainment, can find the figure of Square LED Panel Lights, however, from the current development, the side light Square LED Panel Lights in the office lighting in the field of applied more widely and rapidly. This may have a lot to do with its performance.

Square LED Panel Lights get greater development in the field of office lighting, should choose the right breakthrough point, namely the first choice in square advantage, LED panel light and light source and the relative disadvantage of existing application place or places. These sites and sites include:

1, stairwells and other energy-saving need to furnish self-extinguishing switch (infrared induction, movement, lighting control), the use of incandescent lamp place, such as extensive use of Square LED Panel Lights, energy saving effect can be clearly displayed;

2. Underground garage, corridor, toilet and other places, such places can be adjusted according to the number of people or unattended people, and the application of Square LED Panel Lightss has obvious advantages in such places;

3, most of the vestibular place such as crystal chandelier installed more than incandescent lamp, such as replace with raf lighting Square LED Panel Lights, energy-saving significantly, but the replacement have higher request for the LED, the LED should be close to the incandescent light bulb full spectrum;

4. The premises of high level reception room, meeting room and demonstration screen should be replaced by Square LED Panel Lights.

5, as for the other place, especially the office, because now the use of 4 feet trichromatic fluorescent lamps, whether from the quality of lighting, lighting and construction fee and so on, straight Square LED Panel Lights are light has more advantages, is the mainstream of replacement.

Quality problems caused the lights to explode not the first time, but the same bad light exploded in August last year. So a lot of people are buying Square LED Panel Lights and they say, "Square LED Panel Lights glow so high will they burn the light?" For this kind of problem, the experience of 30 years of production and research and development of hua-hui lighting, a Square LED Panel Lights manufacturer, tells us that this phenomenon is not going to happen

Square LED Panel Lights housing adopts the heat dissipation effect very good casting aluminum, everyone knows the advantages of aluminum, the quality is light, the heat dissipation is good, not rust. Pressed aluminum directly into the machine according to the model, more beautiful, and we produce Square LED Panel Lights is the light with stick on the side of aluminum shell, can do both thin and light body heat lamp bead to shell heat absorption, this lamp bead is not so easy to burn.

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