Solar Energy Lighting Will Be Green To A High

- Sep 26, 2016-

Along with economic development, our lighting will greatly improve and study on application of green energy-efficient lighting, and will pay more and more attention. Solar-powered LED lighting as a cold light source products, with high cost performance, green, safe and reliable, quality stability, long life, easy installation and maintenance and so on, can be widely used in green lighting, road lighting, advertising lighting, urban design landscape lighting and home lighting systems, solar-powered LED lighting into a one-time high is a bottleneck in its development.

Currently, lighting consumes around 20% per cent of total electricity consumption, reduced lighting power consumption is an important way to save energy. To achieve this goal, the industry has developed a variety of energy-efficient lighting equipment, and have achieved some success. However, from the "green lighting" requires far, development and application of more efficient, reliable, safe and durable light source is imperative.

By the end of 2006, amounting to 200 million tons of standard coal of renewable energy use in China (not including traditional uses of biomass), about 0.5% for 2010 year renewable 10% of the country's total primary energy consumption took a firm step. Currently, China is from following several aspects to promoted PV power of domestic market development: a, and started transmission to village engineering; II, and in special engineering Shang using PV power, as Expo, and games,; three, and in desert area built PV power station; four, and mobilization some city started roof plans; five, and research developed improve PV power competitiveness of electric price policy (PV products 90% of export and domestic market of missing, are may limit China PV industry of long-term development. Once the PV industry in foreign policy or measures to limit imports to protect the domestic industry, China in recent years, many horse solar project will face difficulties).

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