Smart And false Intelligence When Smart Trust Crisis Solution?

- May 15, 2017-

In the lighting industry development history, never a noun, such as "smart" confusing!

In the era of incandescent lamp, lighting industry on behalf of the product is with tungsten wire for incandescent light-emitting materials;In the era of energy-saving lamps, lighting industry on behalf of the product is in phosphors for light-emitting materials of energy-saving lamps, and other various types of energy-saving lighting products;in LEDEra, the lighting industry on behalf of the product is as luminous materials LED series light emitting diode (LED) lighting products.Who can say understand, however, in the era of intelligence, the representative of the lighting industry product is what?

In the lighting industry definition of a "smart" no clear, standard, lighting industry, furniture industry, whether it is mentioned "intelligent lighting", or "smart home" "intelligent lighting", everyone in the said.Of course, we are also trying to seek voice, makes every effort to formulate relevant standards.

"False chi" and "smart",

Hence, smart trust crisis!

The other day, as a traditional Chinese martial arts tai chi kung fu, suffered a "fraud".A player from professional fighters, about a so-called "tai chi master".As a result, less than 10 seconds and professional fighter will "tai chi master" down.

This event, caused the people of the whole country of tai chi kung fu warmly discussed in this paper.In fact, we should know that there is a real tai chi kung fu, is also a powerful;However, with "taiji kung fu," whoever impersonates the same lot in society.As a result, the "false chi" spoilt "tai chi" of good reputation, to tai chi kung fu and Chinese traditional martial arts appears a crisis of confidence.

Back to "intelligent lighting" and "smart home" itself, though not yet encountered "false chi" such extreme events, however, some "smart" "false intelligence" of products and model, is hurt in real intelligence study diligently, in-depth study of enterprise and brand.These "smart" "false intelligence" products, will some simple function packaged into the so-called "smart" function, to businesses and consumers to pay more money, buying such "smart products".

However, even these simple functions, some manufacturers also can't ensure that its product quality, often appear "lights" bad phenomenon, lead to the market for these "smart products" suspicious, and then to all intelligent lighting products related to doubt.

"Smart" unremitting struggle,

Cross-border smart home integration recognized!

The spread of "intelligent" and "false intelligence", natural "real" smart with great impact.Among them, the biggest impact, is the lighting industry manufacturers and consumers to "intelligent lighting" confusion of the concept of "smart home".

Today, many in the field of intelligent lighting lighting enterprises struggle, on the one hand, research and development more features, more convenient intelligent lighting items, such as intelligent ball bubble, intelligent dome light, intelligent tube lamp, etc.;Some lighting brand enterprises, on the other hand, actively seeking cross-border fusion, active and alibaba, jingdong, cartels, such as huawei, incorporated in the smart home system of these enterprises actively, will own intelligent lighting system and the enterprise standard of smart home entrance to undertake unity.In these brand enterprise, with the help of "smart" really started to get market and consumer recognition.

Both the intelligent ball bubble, philips, millet and emotional language, light light space, star beauty of intelligent lighting products, there are a large number of intelligent lighting enterprise, are foward to develop more excellent intelligent lighting products.while opple hong yan electric appliances, marsh lighting enterprise actively with alibaba, huawei, etc, to promote the fusion of smart home system, deserve attention in the industry.There are, of course, without brand companies such as haier, midea, millet in promoting the process of smart home system, cross-border intrusion lighting industry, share of the intelligent lighting.

In the future, "leader" in the field of intelligent lighting, is still the strength of the brand enterprise.And a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises, more in the field of market segment, segment to obtain the survival and development space.Of course, whatever the type of enterprise, the first is the professional skills, good technology and excellent products.

Intelligent lighting, do a terminal equipment,

Or leading an ecosystem?

Intelligence, there are four key points: product entry, the system software, terminal equipment and intelligent algorithm.At present most intelligent lighting products, just as the terminal equipment.For smart home, it was based on the housing of the platform, based on the Internet of things technology, by the hardware (intelligent hardware, intelligent lighting, intelligent household appliances, smart home, intelligent security, etc.), software systems, cloud computing platform consisting of a household ecosystem.Real intelligence, therefore, is an integrated ecosystem, rather than a particular hardware or an APP.

For the lighting industry, the most accurate positioning, is to become a terminal equipment of the smart ecosystem.Of course, there are some strong, capable of lighting brand enterprises, to research and development of intelligent ecosystem, jump out from the role of terminal equipment, as leader of the intelligent ecological system.

For dealers, also want to find out, your agent, is the only ACTS as the terminal equipment of intelligent lighting products, or building intelligent ecological system solution provider?The two different characteristics, determines the dealers need inputs also greatly different.Dealer selection crossover branding the whole house of smart home platform, or to "on" the niche of the professional, or have the value of the Volkswagen brand.More importantly, the dealer to choose good for users to create real smart wisdom, simple and comfortable.

Exploring the path of intelligent lighting, smart home, swan goose electric appliance is a typical example.Have learned, in order to study the intelligent road, hong yan electric invested heavily, from a single product development to the phone APP control, from the panel are integrated into the whole house intelligent control, from solo to various joint operations...

Along the way, hong yan electric appliances for intelligent road more and more experience, has mastered the core principles of whole house intelligence.Because of this, hong yan smart to get the favour of ali intelligence, together with ali intelligence, to build a whole house intelligent ecological system.The new intelligent ecosystem whole house, the beautiful blooming in guangzhou in June, is remarkable.

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