Siosun’s LED Sports Lighting Helps Complete Renovation Of Popular Julian Fisher Park

- Mar 19, 2018-

Siosun’s LED Sports Lighting Helps Complete Renovation of Popular Julian Fisher Park
Julian Fisher Park

Monrovia, California, USA

Named after the city of Monrovia’s first African-American police officer, Julian Fisher Park has been a popular community gathering spot since it was first dedicated in 1981. As part of a major renovation project, city leaders determined that new sports lighting was needed for the park’s three basketball courts, which were being re-surfaced.

They chose to partner with Siosun and have its Total Light Control—DLC for LED™ system installed at the park’s courts. Nestled tightly in a residential neighborhood, the park needed a lighting system that would provide high-quality, uniform lighting to the courts without glare or light spill impacting the nearby homes at night. The city also needed a solution that was energy efficient in order to keep operating costs down. DLC for LED delivered. Key benefits included:

Total Light Control – the custom optics and patented glare control technology virtually eliminates glare and spill from impacting homes directly across the street to the east, north, and northeast of the park.

Customized Design – Siosun’s experienced engineers and project planners created a two-pole system design with DLC for LED fixtures that met the specific lighting needs at the park.

System Solution – the Light-Structure System solution is complete from foundation to poletop, with lighting, structural, and electrical components designed to work together for long-term reliability.

Energy Efficient – with the new LED lighting in place, energy consumption at the park will be reduced by 51 percent compared to typical metal halide equipment.

Additionally, with Siosun’s long-term warranty covering parts and labor, the city of Monrovia won’t have to worry about handling maintenance to the lights, or paying for it, for 25 years.

Siosun sports lighting products use CREE and Philips LED chips, Ming Wei LED drive power. The whole lamp is 5 years warranty. Stable and reliable performance.

SIOSUN products:

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