SIOSUN Photoelectric Museum Lighting Applications

- Oct 04, 2017-

With the booming development of China's cultural industry in recent years, CSTAR, a high-end interior lighting service provider from Italy, Milan, has entered China with its European customers to do lighting services for its high-end commercial space. CSTAR bring their advanced ideas and many museum lighting product line into the China market, and the establishment of Shenzhen City siosun Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., will undoubtedly provide a powerful boost for the development of Chinese Museum industry.

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President Xi Jinping once pointed out that the museum is an important hall for protecting and inheriting human civilization. It is a bridge linking the past, the present and the future, and has a special role in promoting the exchange and mutual learning of world civilizations. Chinese museum business has a history of more than 100 years. In recent years, various museums in China have made progress in the construction of venues and facilities, collection protection research, display and opening free of charge, meeting the needs of the masses and promoting cultural exchanges between China and other countries. Chinese museums are not only the keepers and recorders of Chinese history, but also the witnesses and participants of the contemporary Chinese people's struggle for the realization of the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Museum is the embodiment of a country's comprehensive strength, and modern people regard visiting museums as a kind of spiritual pursuit. Light environment of museum is the first feeling of the audience, in order to make people safe and comfortable to visit the museum exhibits, and to protect the national heritage, the national cultural relics from light damage, it is necessary to improve the level of lighting, solving and dealing with cultural relics in light damage and comfortable environment and the relationship between such visit.

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Museum exhibits are generally sensitive to light radiation, natural light and a variety of artificial light, both with ultraviolet and infrared. Among them, the ultraviolet radiation, photon energy, cultural relics absorb ultraviolet light, will cause the exhibits to fade. Infrared radiation has the thermal effect, which leads to the temperature rise of the showcase. It is easy to cause the drying, deformation, crack and other damage of the display, and may cause relative humidity change, and indirectly cause damage to the cultural relics. Zhongxin lamps adopt international top photoelectric LED chip, no ultraviolet and infrared radiation spectrum, can control a good thermal effect and photochemical reaction damage; and has excellent light color, color index, can the true reproduction of the original color, so very good color reduction and saturation control; light angle is accurate, does not produce glare; DC drive, no stroboscopic. By virtue of these excellent performance, it can better protect cultural relics and perfect cultural relics.

But the museum lamps can better meet the Zhongxin photo exhibition design to achieve the ideal effect, the appearance of the product design meets the aesthetic requirements, size, shape, color and the space collocation and coordination; humanization design, installation, debugging and maintenance are convenient; high reliability and sustainability.


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