SIOSUN Lighting 2018 New Direction

- Dec 27, 2017-

According to Siosun Hu, chairman introduced SIOSUN was established in 2007, the company in recent years, high-power street lamps, shipments increased year by year. 2012 is siosun outdoor sports lighting shipments of 150000, 2013 is 230000, to 2016 outdoor sports lighting, architectural lighting, high-power street lighting products have reached 70 million in 2018 is expected to reach 140 Thousands.

In order to meet the needs of future business development, SIOSUN plan this year in Huizhou, Guangdong surrounding the planning of 500 acres of land, the design capacity of annual output of outdoor high-power lamps 5 million, I believe we will have better and faster response speed, with better Custom solutions to solve the problem.

It is understood that SIOSUN's core business is the fins and modules, based on the fins and modules SIOSUN a full range of professional solutions, stadium lighting, tunnel lights, mining lamps and pole lights.

In terms of format or business model, SIOSUN does not participate in the terminal competition, providing solutions for the industry peers, and this business model is the core of resource integration. The person in charge introduced in the product technology SIOSUN is the best, SIOSUN in the country through the formation of strategic alliances with each part of the outstanding partners, and thus better access to the project.

Overseas, SIOSUN adjusted its strategy overseas in 2015. One of the nascent strategies is overseas branch strategy. Overseas, SIOSUN relies on local teams and resources to leverage the SIOSUN platform as a local market and achieve very significant results. The person in charge said that in 2017 SIOSUN orders have a very significant growth, part of which is from overseas orders continued to grow.

Of course, any good sales can not do without good products, and high quality products come from ingenuity. Originality in SIOSUN concept is divided into three parts: the definition of R & D, lean manufacturing, service intentions.

R & D, SIOSUN good R & D team and academic leaders and super-execution team, to put good ideas into the product. Currently SIOSUN more than 40 research and development team, covering all professional academic fields, optics, blood, structure, industrial design, mechanics, electrical and electronics, information, aesthetics and so on. In addition, Maple Yongming has standardized R & D processes and laboratories, has now basically get the world's certification requirements.

In addition, the person in charge that the heart service is the most important part of ingenuity, he gave an example to SIOSUN a looks honest, simple salesman, through his own heart to impress partners, his personal sales this year has more than 35 million.


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