Siosun Latest 1800K-3200K Dimming Downlight Released

- Nov 09, 2017-

Product design concept

The evolution of LED lighting has led us to design products that are each time more powerful and efficient,but also lighter and with improved heat disspation.Allof these advances and improvements meet at the same point:The abalon.Its size will surprise you,but not as much as its incredibly low weight.



Product advantage

 All the light sources have bee passed LM-80,use in citizen or bridgelux chip with a long lifespan

 to >50000 hours,highest luminous efficiency:110LM/W high CRI 95+.

 Use professional secondary light distribution design and have high light transmittance.

 15°24°60°beam angle for your optionit can adjustable 30°.

 Multiple power options5W 10W 15W 20W 25W 30W) to meet different lighting environment.

 Built-out high-quality driver with CE FCC SAA TUV ROHS certificated.No strobe, low radiation.

 High efficiency and energy saving: the same luminous effect, LED lamp is 60% to 90% energy saving compared     with traditional spot lamp, which can effectively save electricity charge.

 Light source health: LED energy-saving lamp, light does not contain ultraviolet and infrared, no  radiation.

 Green environmental protection: no mercury, xenon and other harmful elements, LED can also be recycled.

 Protect the vision: LED energy-saving lamp particles using DC drive, no strobe (ordinary lights for  AC drive, will inevitably produce stroboscopic).


Product application

 Shopping mall, supermarket, hotel lighting, office lighting etc.;

 Family house, kitchen, warehouse, bathroom, corridor, garage;

 Commercial show windows and bars, subway, airport, exhibition hall, gymnasium etc..


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