SIOSUN Intelligent Commercial Lighting Control System

- Jan 04, 2018-

Economic development, people's living standards gradually increased, we use the most frequent lighting is also evolving. Residential, commercial area is bigger and bigger, ordinary lighting is more and more difficult to meet people's lighting needs, so intelligent lighting control system came into being.

SIOSUN intelligent lighting advantages

1. Can freely set different lighting combination mode, by controlling the terminal arbitrary remote control any circuit in the house.

2. The room itself does not set too many switches, the bus line control together, through the eHG intelligent control system will be able to control all the lights in the house. In addition, you can also use the clock controller, so that the light sunrise and sunset every day, there are regular changes automatically.

3. When the light is turned on, the light gradually turns from dark to light, and when it is turned off, it lightens and flickers from dark to light. When the scene is switched, it fade in and out, not only protecting the eyes but also damaging the lamps and lengthening the service life of the lamps and lanterns;

4. The system includes a variety of sensors, including the brightness sensor allows the system according to outdoor light changes, automatically adjust the indoor lighting, making the indoor light in a state of dynamic and constant, there will be no window light stronger than the central part of the phenomenon of the room. In addition, the mobile sensor can detect human activities, when people enter the induction zone automatically turn on the lights, turn off the lights automatically after leaving the induction zone, more energy saving.

5. The use of advanced electromagnetic voltage regulation and electronic sensing technology, real-time monitoring of power supply, according to the need to set personalized lighting programs.

Intelligent lighting control system is what we usually call intelligent lighting, a smart home system. Although the use of intelligent lighting has not yet been widely used in general lighting, it does not affect its glowing heat. Many advantages of intelligent lighting determine its distance from the average family will be closer and closer, will be the future of the lighting industry's main trends.

2.4G LED Ultrathin 2700K-6500K Dimming panel light


1. The Features of Led Panel Lighting:

 Siosun 2700K-6500K dimming palette temperature panel lamp (CCT panel light) is a multi-functional LED lighting, remote control, color matching, temperature control light control lamps and lanterns system. The utility model is matched with a wireless remote controller, a receiving controller and a LED lamp. Remote control ultra-thin design, out of light uniform, exquisite button type controller, highlight the noble.2.4G high frequency wireless remote control, with low power consumption, long transmission distance, anti-interference ability, high speed of air communication. The remote controller is fashionable and beautiful in appearance, simple and practical in function. With dimming, color temperature, packet synchronization control. 2.4G new stepless dimming, color mixing, temperature change, optional switch.

2. The Advantages of Led Panel Lighting:

 Passed CE and UL certification;

 No lead, mercury, No mercury, No radiation, No UV, no harm to the environment;

 Easy to install and maintain, no subsidiary fixture;

 Low consumption and high conversion. 

 Instant start, high efficiency, energy saving, no stroboscopic, no dark area, light effect, no noise

 Professional circuit design, the single lamp fails, the other can still maintain the brightness of lamp

 Anti wave interference, without radio interference

 3. The application of Led Panel Lighting:

 Shopping mall, supermarket, hotel lighting, office lighting etc.;

 Family house, kitchen, warehouse, bathroom, corridor, garage;

 Commercial show windows and bars, subway, airport, exhibition hall, gymnasium etc..


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