Siosun Create A Lighting Solution For Art Crate High School Stadium

- Jan 11, 2018-

Siosun create a lighting solution for Art Crate High School Stadium


     Bethel School District needed to address a couple of issues at Art Crate High School Stadium: inefficient lighting and complaints from glare and light being spilled into the community. School officials turned to Siosun for an innovative lighting solution that would help the district accomplish its energy efficiency initiative.This initiative was aided by incentives from the district’s energy provider to help offset the higher capital expense of the LED system. 

    Siosun installed its siosun LED Flood Light on the existing concrete poles at the stadium that houses soccer, lacrosse and football. The system features custom optics built around the LED light source matched with Siosun’s application expertise to offer precise light control and glare reduction, helping direct light onto the field and not into the neighborhood. Additionally, the lighting solution offers instant on/off/dimming capabilities that maximize energy efficiency, helping reducing energy consumption by 41 percent compared to the prior lights.

    In this project,siosun installed the high efficient 400W COB LED flood Light to create a perfect solution for the crate high school stadium.T400C1_副本.jpg

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