SIOSUN 2000W Sports Stadium Stadium Lighting

- Dec 27, 2017-

Sports stadium lighting

Sports lighting refers to artificial lighting provided for the venue, sports lighting, also known as site lighting.

First, the requirements of sports lighting:

1, Sports lighting on the light environment requirements:

Lighting standards for indoor sports lighting standards, including horizontal and vertical illumination standards, the vertical direction of the sport venue to improve the sense of space, so that athletes accurately determine the target, the television broadcast, picture quality is good or bad. Also have a direct impact. At the same time there are strict restrictions on the glare of sports lighting, the requirements to reduce the surface brightness of the lamp and a certain degree of protection angle, to prevent light scattering, resulting in light pollution.

800W Sports Stadium Stadium lighting simulation map

600W Sports Stadium Stadium illumination map.png

800W Sports Stadium Stadium lighting.png

600W Sports Stadium Stadium lighting simulation map

800W Sports Stadium Stadium lighting simulation map.png


2, The use of sports lighting and lighting

Sports lighting is based on the use of lighting venues, soccer lighting, space, lighting, technical requirements and economy to choose, sports lighting should also consider the heat, chip and driver, moisture and dust, electrical safety light factor. In the surrounding lighting commonly used light source with halogen, metal halide lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, LED lamp and Promise magnetic energy lamp. China’s lighting design standards clearly in the tall space should be used high-intensity gas discharge lamp, and halogen lamps as little as possible or not alone. At present, the metal halide lamp is widely used in the stadium lighting or arena lighting, with high luminous efficiency, long life, better color rendering, small size and many advantages of light. Here are examples of philips light source and the application of more metal halide light comparison:

Second, LED lights can be used in a wide range of sports lighting and gym lighting.

Stadium venues lighting the use of traditional high-intensity light source gas discharge lamp – metal halide lamp, lighting power up to 800W 1000W / 2000W. Lamp installation height can reach 50-60m. With the rapid development of LED lighting applications, LED lighting in the stadium lighting applications also attracted more and more people’s attention. So far, a number of new and renovated stadiums at home and abroad have adopted LED lighting, especially training venues, such as China’s State Sports General Administration Training Center, Olympic Sports Center Training Center, Workers Stadium Stadium, Shantou University Gymnasium and The United States, Michigan State University and other University stadiums have adopted LED lighting, stadiums are also beginning to use LED lighting, such as the United States NRG Stadium, PNC Stadium,the FIFA U20 in PNG, the United Kingdom Chelsea Football Stadium, France Ekinox stadium, etc. are used LED lighting.


Third, the conclusion

LED lighting for the stadium must be in the product performance and application technology to meet the corresponding requirements, such as SIOSUN gym light fixtures high power cooling,  that will Usher in another peak of the lighting industry. Also expect more and more sports venues, the game field to see more SIOSUN stadium lighting systems and soccer stadium lights product figure, add color to the Olympic Games by color.

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