Siosun 15-30W Track Light Swedish Customer Shipments

- Sep 14, 2017-

Today, the 15-30W track light produced by Swedish customers is officially shipped.

It is a great fit because of its light characteristics. Having a fairly flat field and the ability to be easily lensed, COB LEDs work really well when installed into fixtures that require good optics.

In the ellipsoidal reflector spot lights and in Fresnel lights, it is most common to see a single COB LED being used to replace the incandescent light source traditionally used there. The COB can be a good source for this, since the light level and quality look similar to the more conventional source it is replacing. Using a single warm or cool LED allows for easy replacement of the older, power-hungry incandescent light sources. With regards to the PAR style lights, since COB LEDs are also built in the color-changing variety, you can still mix any color you like without the blender sounds that scrollers make.

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