Siosun 1000W 1200W Stadium Lighting

- Oct 04, 2017-

The stadium was named a new sports center in Shanghai Jingan, recently completed the overall architecture of the intelligent lighting control, SIOSUN intelligent control system as the project supplier, provides a variety of solutions.

Intelligent lighting control for the whole building of Sports Center .png

Shanghai Jingan new sports center (including the North Community Cultural Center) is located in the central Wenshui interchange southeast corner of the main building with the gymnasium, fitness center, outdoor stadium, northern community cultural centers, students' physical health testing center and underground chamber, auxiliary boiler room, a single building, a total construction area of about 71291.17 square meters (included in the stadium area is about 87544.17 square meters).


Intelligent lighting control system based on SIOSUN graphical interface for unified management, through coordination and control center for unified of the sports center of the entire lighting system; the system adopts the method of logic control and timing control of the astronomical clock, can further save energy and human resources, reduce human negligence.

SIOSUN Stadium lighting .jpg

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