Secret: How The Lights Are Aging?

- Dec 28, 2016-

We all know that this is the life of the lamp is shortened slowly , until one day is not bright, and also come to an end. Many people can not help but wonder why the lamps will have such a process, 

what causes? In fact, in the final analysis, this is the light of the problem of light, simply point out that lamps and the human body, with the life of the growth of the functional mechanism of the 

lamp is kept falling. Whether it is incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lights can not avoid the problem of light failure.Lamp light failure, refers to the lamp after a period of time after the light, the light intensity will

be lower than the original light intensity, and low part of the light is the light decline. Different types of lamps, causing light fades for different reasons.LED lamps, although incandescent and fluorescent lamps have improved, but it can not completely overcome

the problem of light failure. LED light failure mainly for the following two factors:

LED product itself quality problems

◆ LED chips used in poor quality, faster brightness decay.

◆ defective production process, LED chip cooling can not be a good export from the PIN pin, resulting in

 LED chip temperature is too high to chip attenuation intensified.Conditions of use.

◆ LED for the constant current drive, some LED lights using voltage-driven reasons, so that LED decay 

too fast.

◆ The drive current is greater than the rated drive condition.

LED products in fact led to a lot of light fades, but the most critical or cooling problem. The better the thermal performance, LED operating temperature is lower, the smaller the light fades, LED life longer.

Lighting failure is a must work process, we choose lamps, we should try to select the quality and better performance of the lamp, in the course of the work should also minimize the work of the lamp load in order to slow down the rate of light decay, extend the lamp life.

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