Rectangle LED Panel Lights Several Installation Methods

- Oct 17, 2017-

Rectangle LED Panel Lights several installation methods
Rectangle LED Panel Lights is an ultra-thin energy-saving and environmentally friendly LED lighting fixture with good color consistency, optional color temperature, high brightness, long life, low energy consumption, green and so on. Choosing Rectangle LED Panel Lights How do we install Rectangle LED Panel Lights, Rectangle LED Panel Lights How to install three:
The first installation method is fixed
First hit a few holes in the ceiling hole, then the Rectangle LED Panel Lights slide into the ceiling mounted on the ceiling, fixed on three sides. And then the panel lights to the fixed slide into the slide inside the slide into the box, then the fourth side to the screw on the fixed frame like. Easy and time-saving
The second installation method wire hanging type
Fix the suspension assembly on the ceiling, lock the screw (the suspension is shipped from the factory.) Hang up the vertical line and hang the component on the back of the Rectangle LED Panel Lights. Easy to install. Consumers must pay attention to ask to understand the suspension of the components is the manufacturer's standard accessories or optional.
The third installation method is embedded
First install the sheet metal slot on the ceiling, and then fixed a few outwardly protruding brackets on the back of the Rectangle LED Panel Lights, and then insert the panel lights so that the bracket engages with the sheet metal slot on the ceiling and can be fixed on the ceiling. But because of the different thickness of the ceiling, so you need to adjust the height between the lamp and the bracket, otherwise it will cause Rectangle LED Panel Lights installed higher or lower than the ceiling surface of the phenomenon.
More than three installation methods in the actual installation process should also pay attention to the following installation: 1. Before installation, please sure that power has been cut; 2. Attention to waterproof, anti-electric, shock; 3. Products using the standard operating voltage, do not exceed the working voltage Range; 4. This product is only used indoors; 5. Please read the instructions carefully before installing the product.
Today, LED lighting is no longer a symbol of high-tech products, after years of development there are many LED lighting products to become popular home lighting preferred, Rectangle LED Panel Lights to ultra-thin, energy saving, ultra-brightness, especially by the vast number of consumers favor today Will share with you how to choose a good Rectangle LED Panel Lights method.
First, from the material aspects to choose. Rectangle LED Panel Lights is basically a housing accessories, Rectangle LED Panel Lights light source and lamp drive, for Rectangle LED Panel Lights high quality products of course, is particularly important.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights Enclosure accessories are generally made of aluminum alloy frame + light guide plate + light plate + backplane. Aluminum alloy shell is very easy to distinguish from the appearance, a good aluminum alloy shell texture and surface treatment of fine, consistent use of ten years are not easy to oxidize discoloration, poor shell is usually thin aluminum feel light, squeeze easily deformed by hand. In the Rectangle LED Panel Lights shell accessories is the most important is the light guide plate, which is our industry professional identification of high quality panel lights an important indicator.
Second, Rectangle LED Panel Lights. Of course, this first of all to thank our country for the industry attention and support, at present China's low-power SMD LED lamp beads chip has been Sanan as a leader, and good quality. So as a panel lamp in recent years preferred Rectangle LED Panel Lights light source for the domestic San'an chip package 2835 light source. But if the customer is relatively high product requirements, we generally preferred or Samsung, Japan or Osram and other first-line brand. There may be a lot of friends here for the high demand for the election of foreign brands of LED light source, I would like to answer a popular words you, our light source and foreign brands are almost the quality, but the product performance or foreign products to be assured that some You know that
Third, the power drive. Power supply can be said that the lamp drive center, the saying goes, a good horse with a good saddle, Rectangle LED Panel Lights no matter how good the manufacturers say depends on the power supply. How is it different from the power-driven superiority and inferiority? Here to tell you generally quick selection method, one certification such as 3C, TUV, UL and other related certification, the second is to ask the power brand, such as international brands Philips, sharp high, Mingwei, domestic such as Mao Shuo, The

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