Rectangle LED Panel Lights Qualified How To Identify

- Aug 25, 2017-

Rectangle LED Panel Lights qualified how to identify
    Rectangle LED Panel Lights due to energy saving, high light efficiency, long life and other characteristics, more and more widely consumers are like and bear, but the domestic Rectangle LED Panel Lights market varies greatly, the quality of goods is different, a large number of defective goods in the market On, for the average consumer, how to distinguish the quality of goods is good or bad, to ensure the quality of qualified LED lighting products? Xiaobian led us into the question.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights during inspection are multi-Rectangle LED Panel Lights see quality problems with vulcanization, chemical incompatibility, dead lights and light failure. If it is vulcanized and chemically incompatible, to check the material of the fixture to find out the suspicious material, and then confirm the experimental confirmation of the material is not harmful to the light source of the lamp. If it is dead and light failure, should be Rectangle LED Panel Lights and other lamps for all the failure to check out the cause of failure. To determine the LED lighting is not qualified there are two ways: the first panel light is a reliability test, after hot and cold shock, environmental simulation to determine the quality of the lamp, but this method is long (3-6 months) Expensive, but also find no real reason. The second is the data judging method, from the use of materials and find the shortcomings of the judge the quality of goods.
General consumers: see the appearance of touch the temperature to hear the sound
Professional organizations from the professional and technical distinction between the quality of LED goods, but for most people, the Rectangle LED Panel Lights can only be a simple way to start to distinguish. General consumer procurement Rectangle LED Panel Lights can be distinguished from three aspects: look at the appearance, touch the temperature and listen to the sound, simply be able to separate the quality of good or bad.
Rectangle LED Panel Lights, LED fluorescent lamps, LED ceiling lights, etc. These are common indoor lighting, their use efficiency and life is often the concern of people, which involves a rectangular LED panel lamp maintenance methods, The following discussion on this issue.
First of all we have to know, Rectangle LED Panel Lights in the long-term use of the process, the lamp will inevitably stained with LED downlight dust, dirt, then cleaning and maintenance work is not in place, it is easy to affect the life of Rectangle LED Panel Lights, we all know the heat The problem is a major factor affecting the Rectangle LED Panel Lights, if the cleaning and maintenance is not in place, then the same will affect the rectangular LED panel lamp cooling, thus affecting the service life.
Rectangular LED panel light maintenance method:
Think, first of all we have to do is to regularly clean the lamp maintenance, to ensure its cleanliness, from the LED flashlight to ensure its brightness; Secondly, cleaning and maintenance should be careful not to change the structure of Rectangle LED Panel Lights, Good rectangular LED panel light parts, after cleaning and maintenance, should be installed as the original Rectangle LED Panel Lights, do not miss, misplaced lighting parts.
Tips on the cleaning of the knowledge: in the cleaning of Rectangle LED Panel Lights, it is best not to use water to clean, as long as the dry wipes can be wiped with water, if not accidentally hit the water as dry as possible, cut Rectangle LED Panel Lights bogey Immediately after turning on the lights wipe with a wet cloth, because like a Rectangle LED Panel Lights such lamps are generally not waterproof, while the high temperature of the water is also easy to burst.
Cleaning lamps tips: a good way to clean with vinegar, say about the amount of beer about a beer bottle into the half basin of water, mix thoroughly, with a rag water, wring dry wipe the lamp, because the vinegar is clean And the effect of anti-static, so after cleaning with vinegar lamps not only bright is not easy to dust dust.


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