Practice And Thinking On Urban Night View Lighting Construction

- Sep 26, 2016-

1, the construction cost of inputs should be lighting the main building size, investment requirements as a starting point, such as construction cost is too large, AWE may make implementation of lighting units, led to abandon investment in lighting, so considering the construction costs at the outset, full selection of famous products of good quality, safe and reliable product. Secondly, reasonable, necessary, from economic, rational distribution of high, medium and low priced products, materials, construction of a comprehensive lighting plan budget analysis, the overall effect is both economical and beautiful.

2, running costs: product quality, energy consumption and maintenance costs is the main part of operation cost, product selection, brands have to ensure product quality to a large extent, General 1-2 year guarantee and warranty period, to a large extent, ensure that the replacement does not put in money to buy products in the short term, while reducing maintenance costs. Product energy consumption is to reduce running costs, if the product power consumption, will lead to running cost increases may cause lighting units open only during the holidays, and no lighting purpose. According to national energy-saving emissions plans, LED lighting technology in recent years fast development, as a new solid green light, LED Street, and digital tube, and points light, and lamp with, and shot lamp, and voted light lamp, and wash Wall lamp, and ball bubble,, in city night lighting in the get large using, its energy-saving efficiency up 50-70%, broadcasting building original bright of total power is 75.8KW, update for LED lamps Hou, with conditions compared total power reduced 42KW. At the Golden Phoenix square, shalongda square lighting, street lighting building, garden buildings, archives, widely used in building nightscape lighting project of the ICBC.

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