Plant Lighting Technology: Different Color Temperature LED Light Trapping Effect!

- Aug 01, 2017-

1, different light intensity, the trapping effect of yellow LED


Can be seen from table 1, the stronger the intensity of insecticidal amount is more, the killing effect of LED insecticidal lamp is higher than that of the corresponding to the number of yellow shoot armyworm, yellow insecticidal insecticidal lamp to shoot higher than that without killing lamp on shot traps, due to increased the lamp at night and killing capacity yellow sticky traps on the radio, but the effect of night this part is better than the corresponding insecticidal yellow LED lamp light effect is good, that the stronger the trapping effect is better. The experiment shows that because of the small area of the insect net and the large number of insects, the insects are glued to the power grid after being killed by the electric network, and the scattering of light is prevented. With the continuous extension of the use of time, the number of effective insecticidal significantly reduced, so the grid should be cleaned 1 times after continuous use of 2D.

2, different color LED lamp insecticidal effect

By comparing the insecticidal effect of different color LED insecticidal lamps in continuous 2D, the number of green and blue insecticidal lamps was the most, yellow insecticidal lamp was second, and red insecticidal lamp was the least. The results showed that the LED spectra of the blue and green bands were strongest, followed by yellow spectra.

3. Control effects of different weeds in Gramineae


Different grasses in wheat field have different sensitivity to large energy. Alopecurus and a.japonicus sensitive and high activity; and Beckmannia syzigachne grass and hard times; Polypogon higegaweri can control its harm; in general, have certain inhibitory effects on bluegrass, but showed no death.

4, mixed effect of weeding

Power and isoproturon, wheat hi herbicides, have significantly improved the power of weeding effect; but and superstar in the energy mix, weeding effect decreased, increased power amount could improve the mixture effect.

5, the effect of different liquid spraying on weeding

In the winter and after spring, 225 and 450.0L/hm2 treatments could effectively control weeds in wheat field. However, the control effect of applying 450.0L/hm2 solution was slightly higher than that of 225.0L/hm2 treatment, but the difference was not obvious.

6. Control effects of different sprayers on weeds

The test results show that 3 kinds of spray spraying test with the same amount of liquid medicine to low age (2 to 4 leaves) grasses good control effect, no significant difference. After spring, the use of Gao Yeling (5~9 leaves) grass is also little difference in efficacy, the use of fog machine is slightly worse, whether it is easy to drift with the fog when the liquid use of pesticide related, pending further study.

7, control effect of older weeds

In early March of Beckmannia syzigachne and Alopecurus booting, part of that see application can 60, 75 and 90.0ml (A.I.) /hm2, when the spike after 30 and 60d from 86.3% to 100% and the weeding effect, safety of wheat.

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