Plant Factories Make Crops From Fog Jinsha River Hand In Hand AeroFarms Layout In The Chinese Market

- Jan 13, 2017-

Webex population could be as high as 8 billion or even 9 billion, earth will in future climate conditions more and more bad, if you want to let everyone not to starve, farming is not affected by the typhoon, haze, thunderstorm, land and other natural conditions, we need a new mode of food production.Plant factory, is this model, this is the future, is hope.

Mentioned traditional farm, we all know that rely on sunlight, water, fertilizer, plant breeding technology and external conditions, such as food production.With the development of science and technology and the advent of new materials, plant or factory in the future city will take the place of traditional farm, become the future of the new agricultural era.

Last year, the U.S. AeroFarms company established indoor farm.After the completion of the interior of the vertical farm area of 69000 square feet, for the world's largest, vegetables and spices can produce up to two million pounds a year.

At the beginning of New Year, jinsha river capital into modern agriculture industry, hand in hand to the international top brand AeroFarms plant factory layout in the Chinese market, led by the introduction of the world's leading plant factory technology expansion in China, including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions.The first factory plan in Beijing, shenzhen, hangzhou, etc.Construction of a batch of full size factory, make vegetable highest food safety standards.

The more encountering "haze across years" studies have shown that agriculture will be compromised

Unconsciously, a "New Year's haze" that lasted for a week, a thick fog shrouded in north China again, disrupted the three-day New Year's day holiday.Thick haze heavy fog disrupted transportation and holiday travel plans of many people, also let hazards around food crops.In recent years, due to the growing emissions of air pollutants, causing environmental air quality declining, the more serious air pollution, it has become a regional or national environmental problems, cause people's strong concern.

According to media reports, the Chinese academy of sciences researcher at the institute of earth environment team to study the regional haze pollution effects on rice and wheat production in our country, proves the haze pollution not only affects human respiratory system, endanger human body health, will also impact on crops growth.The research is published in the science report.

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