Philips Intelligent Interconnection Lighting System Debut In Chengdu

- May 25, 2017-

Yesterday was informed that the use of smart city concept, modified after the upgrade of Philips Chengdu Lighting Application Center recently officially put into use, and the introduction of the road, office, construction and other intelligent interconnection lighting system.

According to the relevant person in charge, located in Chengdu Hi-tech Zone, Philips Chengdu Lighting Application Center introduced the Philips CityTouchflex intelligent interconnection road lighting system, Philips PoE intelligent interconnection lighting office system and Philips ActiveSite intelligent interconnection building lighting system. In the area of road lighting, Philips CityTouchflex intelligent interconnection road lighting system integrates professional and efficient intelligent interconnection lighting, data communication, intuitive and easy to use cloud service software platform and professional services, giving a new definition of intelligent interconnection lighting. At the same time, in the office lighting, the Philips PoE intelligent interconnection office lighting system through the Ethernet power supply (PoE) technology, the user through the smart phone application (App) direct control of lighting and air conditioning temperature, improve work comfort and convenience, Higher work and management efficiency.

It is worth mentioning that, in the architectural lighting, the Philips ActiveSite intelligent interconnection architectural lighting system, through the cloud platform can provide remote monitoring, management and maintenance of building LED lighting equipment, the system can also arrange a light show, so that the building blooming charming light.

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