Our UFO LED High Bay Light Now Features LED Up-Lighting

- Feb 28, 2018-

LED high bay lighting is an ideal and economical solution for large open facilities with high ceilings that require strong and bright illumination. LED lighting is so directional, however, that the upper reaches of those facilities often appear cavernous as most of the LED light shines down onto the facility’s floor. Siosun LED, a premier domestic industrial LED lighting designer and manufacturer, has solved this matter with our Saturn high bay light fixture. The fixture includes a square array of mini LED tubes that surround it and illuminate the rafters and ceiling above, ensuring ample lighting throughout your interior industrial space.

Just One More Advanced Feature on our LED High Bay Lights

Like many of the other industrial high bay lighting products produced by Siosun LED, our Saturn fixture features a corrosion resistant powder coated finish frame, as well as your choice of clear, frosted, or dropped acrylic lenses, and an anodized aluminum heat sink that dissipates residual heat to extend the life of the fixture. The Saturn fixture comes in either a standard black or white coated powder finish or an optional natatorium-specific finish. It is rated to generate quality light for at least 100,000 hours of continuous operation before the light fixture itself needs to be replaced (the fixture’s driver may need to be separately replaced after 50,000 hours).

Siosun LED also provides either a cable or pendant mounting system for these fixtures, as well as pendant mount adapters where rafters or other features of a high bay ceiling make use of standard mounting options more difficult.

The up-lighting feature is ideal for facilities that have darker ceilings. The added mini LEDs that provide the up-lighting consume a negligible amount of electrical energy and have virtually no effect on the features or characteristics of the Saturn high bay fixture itself.

Advantages of Up-Lighting on our LED High Bay Fixture

Up-lighting can make a high bay facility more inviting and comforting. A big box store, for example, can have a well-lit retail sales floor, but customers might feel that the overall environment feels cavernous if the ceiling is too dark. Up-lighting creates a more uniformly-lit three-dimensional environment. Up-lighting can also enhance the sense of security that is fostered by a properly-lit high bay facility.

Over the course of its many years of operations, Siosun LED, a domestic company with headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, has been an LED lighting industry leader in developing new products and technologies. Our proprietary heat sink technology adapted structures that had been used only on larger devices to the smaller size that is typical of LED lights. That technology improves the efficiency and extends the longevity of Siosun LED’s products.

Siosun has also pioneered new LED lighting systems for airports, loading docks, sports facilities, warehouses, and roadways. Our new up-lighting technology in our high bay lighting fixtures will similarly pioneer new lighting strategies and options for those facilities. As LED products and systems gain acceptance in the commercial and industrial marketplace, Siosun LED will continue to innovate with LED products that take advantage of everything that LED lighting technology can offer, including improved economics and efficiency, environmental friendliness, and better lighting for virtually every application.


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