OSRAM Bio Effective Light Excited BMW Racers Extraordinary Performance

- May 31, 2017-

OSRAM is the new official partner of BMW Motorsport, which provides professional bio-effective lighting solutions for the BMW Schnitzer team during the just-concluded Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race to help the racing driver show the best athletic performance The

2017 Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race held in Germany on May 27-28. Before and during the game, OSRAM's stimulating lighting technology helped drivers and engineers remain excited and focused. This is also an indispensable requirement for a tough and lasting event. Prior to working with the BMW Racing Department, the top athletes of the German Ski Association have used OSRAM's bio-effective light technology to achieve success at night skiing.

"We are very pleased that BMW Motorsport will be able to choose OSRAM's innovative lighting solutions," said Stefan Kampmann, CTO of OSRAM. "High-level athletic campaigns need to show the best performance, and OSRAM's professional lighting technology can help the team achieve its goals."

"We are very pleased that OSRAM has provided lighting technology for the team as an official partner," said Jens Marquardt, director of BMW Motorsport, said: "The competition for the Nürburgring 24-hour endurance race is fierce and any nuances are likely to be successful. "With the unique challenge of the Nürburgring race at night, OSRAM's innovative solutions and experience in the lighting field will provide strong support for our drivers."

This range of solutions includes LED glasses and special fixtures. Blu-ray LED glasses can stimulate the central nervous system, to help drivers better into the competitive state. In addition, the team's common room and maintenance area control wall also installed special lighting fixtures, high-power components issued by the blue light can help drivers and engineers at night to maintain a high degree of focus on the schedule.

Not only sports, bio-effective light can also help users in many environments, such as flight, teaching, medical and office.

• Biologically effective light can reduce the time difference response caused by long-distance flight to passengers, through targeted light simulation to make passengers more quickly adapt to the destination time, reduce the discomfort caused by the time difference;

Biologically effective light can also be used in schools, so that students in the classroom mind clear, active thinking;

· Installed in a retirement center or nursing home, bio-effective light can help those who are difficult to day and night in patients with dementia stable condition;

The technology is also used in the office environment, OSRAM's special lighting equipment and control system can simulate the different days of the day the light color and intensity, thereby improving the office staff's attention and work performance.

LED glasses can stimulate the blue light, red light has a calm effect, thus, the driver can adjust to the competitive state before the game, in the rest period to better relax.

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