New Trends In Green High Power LED Lighting: LED Lamp And Electrodeless Lamp Contest

- Sep 16, 2016-

From price, LED lamps and electrodeless lamp compared with traditional lighting, do not come cheap. As LED lighting chips were mostly foreign technology, the price is not low. Electrodeless lamp prices slightly higher than traditional lamps, but due to its energy contract management can be used, the user can "zero" inputs, so favored by the users.
Technically speaking, electrodeless lamp with LED lighting technology in different ways, but the product life, energy-saving effect is not far off.
From the type of view, LED lamps and electrodeless lamps have Division of labour, due to the single power LED lamp, led high-power LED lamps in the project cannot be compared with the lamp also in low power, direct lighting, landscape lighting display, electrodeless lamps than LED lights. "In terms of functional lighting, electrodeless light source correlation of LED light sources have a clear advantage. "Li Weide said, beginning of LED lights in the field of functional lighting light efficiency is low, light attenuation, thermal solution to solve defects, poor product consistency. Electrodeless lamp this new light source in the field of functional lighting the high light efficiency, light attenuation, instant start and other advantages.
Judging from the technology maturity, LED domestic product quality is not perfect, most enterprise core chip LED lamp imported from abroad. Compared with LED lights are bound by many foreign patents, lamp-related patents are firmly in the hands of domestic enterprises, currently on the international markets where 90% electrodeless lamps made in China, many of electrodeless lamp production technology has reached the international advanced level.

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