Leveraging The Belt And The Road Show LED landscape Scroll In Yanqi Lake

- May 22, 2017-

Leveraging "The Belt and The Road held" International Cooperation Forum, Huairou Yanqi lake was decorated beautifully, over 12 peaks of more than 40 thousand different types of lamp light landscape lighting system, drew the outline of an ink painting style "landscape scroll". Reporters learned that the day before, as the landscape lighting project Chinese largest, Yanqi Lake "landscape scroll" light show will be in accordance with the daily, weekends and major holidays of three kinds of mode switching operation.

The lighting system of the construction and operation of Party Liangye environment company vice president Yin Hongbin said, Yanqi showed 4 peaks of light China landscape painting. The 12 peaks around the Yanqi lake is not high, but the layers, near the mountain, mountains empty, reflecting water, plus often mist, the mountains is an elegant landscape.

"Light show borrowed landscape painting of the painting, but also pay attention to" hook cunca Dianran "." Qingkong project academy of Opto Electronics Design for Zheng Liwei to Yanqi peaks are divided into three categories, the lighting design is not the same, the hook, with a fine lines mountain ridge; Zhongshan Cun, pen slightly, flashed texture, and back close to the mountains; dye, pen force, light colored light color painting.

Landscape lighting requires a large number of lamps and lanterns, how to reduce electricity consumption? Yin Hongbin said, the lighting all use LED lamps, as far as possible to improve energy efficiency, energy-saving up to 50%. In addition to 4 landscape paintings, the lighting system can be adjusted to other colors and rhythms. The lights on the peaks by 4G wireless control, to achieve the overall linkage.

According to the design scheme, in the forum, Yanqi peaks will perform 3 different modes of light. Day night, will open the white mountain, flashed Yamagata, power only to 1/4; ordinary weekend night, in addition to white, on time will be open for 15 minutes of light show; major festival night, Yanqi peaks lights will all open, showing complete light show.

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