LED Street Light Too Dazzling, Do It To Reduce The Harm Done By The Light

- Mar 23, 2017-

In many urban junctions, this LED lights everywhere, it has been controversial, because in the microblogging or forums, many people reflect, it is too bright, too dazzling, will cause discomfort to the driver , Easily lead to traffic accidents. So from the feelings of the human eye, how strong is it in the end? Will the driver what kind of impact?

Experts do data survey analysis, LED strength is relatively large, there will be a clear light stimulation, the driver will make the eyes uncomfortable, far away from the street lights, there are glare glare, driving under the street lights to see Not clear the foot of the road, in the end is the glare value exceeded? Or street light is not high enough, direct eyes?

The technical staff said that this LED lamp may have the impact, mainly around the blue light hazard and glare value threshold increment, and many drivers reflect the eye discomfort is caused by glare value.

In order to confirm this, the technical staff with a professional photometric equipment, CX-2B imaging brightness meter, mainly used to test the glare of light on the road, the threshold incremental analysis report; and in order to field inspection Hangzhou LED monitoring fill Whether the lights meet the standards, in a number of field tests.

In accordance with the "urban road lighting design standards", and finally concluded that LED lights glare value exceeded, then recommend a LED street lamp in line with "urban lighting design standards" high luminous efficiency, high lumen lights, IP grade 65, Dustproof and shockproof green LED lights, not to be missed Oh!

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