LED Mining Lamp Too Expensive? Take A Look At This Return On Investment

- Jun 23, 2017-

LED mining lamp to energy saving and environmental protection, long life, good color and other advantages, more and more people apply to the factory floor and other lighting areas.

Nevertheless, some large stadiums, public places, gas stations and other outdoor lighting places are still using metal halide lamps, energy-saving lamps and other traditional lamps. Why the world is calling for LED lamps, but the penetration rate is not up to the expected requirements? In addition to lack of product awareness, high prices, early investment is the main factor affecting the popularity. But combined with product life cycle and other factors to consider, often is completely different results.

To 200W, for example, LED mining light high efficiency, 200W LED mining lamp can replace 400W metal halide lamp

The use of higher prices of LED mining lamps, the shortest 200 days to recover the cost.

In the short term, metal halide lamp input less than LED mining lamp.

In the long run, LED mining lamp is a more environmentally friendly, energy-efficient green lighting products, and less than 1 year time will be fully recovered.

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