LED Light Will Break The Price Puzzle True Within The Next 5 Years Instead Of Energy-saving Lamps

- Sep 26, 2016-

In today's low carbon technology has been vigorously promoted, LED lighting has been increasingly applied to architecture, landscape and municipal engineering and other fields, but a considerable distance from the ordinary home user or. Shen Ru, said the reason is because LED's core technology lies in the hands of foreigners, LED domestic product prices. In addition, the domestic LED manufacturers is mainly aimed at building landscape lighting, large-screen displays, traffic signals and other market sectors, lack of product development for ordinary people.

"A 1.2-meter-long LED lamp with a retail value of nearly 200 Yuan. Even when people are aware of its energy-saving, environmental protection, longer service life, but most would still choose traditional fluorescent tubes that cost less than 10 Yuan. "Recently, the VIII youth academic conference in Nanjing on illuminating engineering society Conference, experts gave away the biggest bottleneck restricting LED into the homes of ordinary people. Expert analysis, as the technology matures, 3-5, LED lighting will continue to reduce the cost to reach ordinary consumers can accept "price of civilians", truly at home on the diffusion.

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