LED Filament Light New Technology Evolution

- Feb 14, 2017-

LED Filament lamp after four consecutive years of development, the production breakthrough N hundred million in 2016.Filament lamp adopts high voltage LED HVLED and small current drive technology, innovation the technology of LED light source and the design of lamps and lanterns.

LED lamp filament technical threshold is not high, and we actually shot vigorously promotion, popularization of LED filament lamp design and manufacturing technology, incandescent dengpaoan and consumer electronics products factory all over the world are easy to join production LED lamp filament.9 billion years all over the world need to incandescent lamp, energy saving save electricity safety LED filament lamp can aid the upgrading of incandescent lamp, completely meet the needs of the world market.

LED lamp filament core technology is LED filament and constant current power supply chip.The LED lamp filament is by "rigid straight silk filament + LED constant current drive power supply + + glass bulb, lamp holder glass core column".In 2017, the standard model could be reversed?A new generation of ceramic base foundation arc LED filament, the metal ink LED filament, the metal base IC filament, and can be arbitrary curved shape flexible LED filament was born!And into the industrial production.

Metal matrix IC filament may make the filament lamp save configuration of constant current power supply now, perhaps change the filament lamp filament layout design.No AC/DC power supply AC direct drive LED filament light also in the making, LED a filament lamp is a new technology revolution is under way!

Arc heater and graphene filament

Straight silk filament LED lamp light distribution curve into malar rash, open the straight wire LED lamp filament, the middle of the light will appear dark space and the bright.And arc of silk filament LED lamp light distribution diagram is a full moon, wire arc LED filament light there would be no light in the dark area below.

Bring about figure 1 arc filament light distribution curve in the full moon

Metal cornerstone ink ene filament is on one side of the metal substrate binding, LED lamp bead chip coated yellow green fluorescent powder, make a blue LED lamp bead, blue yellow green phosphor after a white light.Metal base material is coated on the other side of the graphene, the use of graphene coating to metal substrate heat radiation soon coming out, improve the LED lamp filament relying only on helium heat conduction, the single way of using glass bulb heat emission.

Bring about figure 2 TaoJi arc heater

Bring about figure 3 metal cornerstone ink filament

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