Led Downlight Cooling Technology

- Mar 17, 2017-

A lower cost, higher efficiency.As the The LED market Gradually mature,LED Lighting are more stringent requirements for components are also proposed.

Among them, the direct about LED lighting products performance and reliability of heat dissipation components, has increasingly become the LED Design of lamps and lanterns The focus of the application.So, at present The LED heat dissipation Parts applied to what degree?What are the latest heat dissipation material?Starting from the canister light heat dissipation, we visit the industry, from the forefront of LED tube light and heat dissipation enterprises understand the LED heat dissipation material of new technology and new applications.

Aluminum radiator is widely used But the problem of the cost and environmental protection is more and more serious

In Aladdin news agency reporter interview understands, at present most of the LED downlight manufacturers still use as a lamp shell, aluminum radiator material because of its good cooling and shaping, mature, in the field of light source and high-power lamps and lanterns has maintained a good market share.But heavy processing complex, high cost, materials and other shortcomings still LED lamps and lanterns of reduce the cost as the natural barrier.

Die casting aluminum radiator advantage is good appearance, shape can be changeable, price moderate.At the same time, he also admitted that the die casting aluminum radiator itself not insulated, the power to increase insulation protection;Radiator mold cost is higher, new product development investments.

"Aluminum lamp body heat is the LED lighting industry the most widely used a way of heat dissipation. And as a tube light, we now believe the economy practical cost-effective with stamping aluminum is good. But if use plastic bags, aluminum thermal conductive plastic bag need to aluminum, one good heat dissipation, have qualitative feeling second."

Plastic cooling scheme Both performance and cost performance of thermal conductivity of insulation

On the other hand, plastic cooling gradually rise.Because of its advantages in the aspects of design, performance and cost, such as light weight (20 ~ 40% lighter than aluminum), both easy to shape, low cost, and most importantly because plastic does not conduct electricity, good electrical insulating ability, plastic cooling has gradually become the trend.

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